7 Best Alternatives to YouTube Video Monetization
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7 Best Alternatives to YouTube Video Monetization
YouTube and Google have been at the very epicenter of video content creation, as well as video content marketing, for the past several years. In short, a virtually endless number of rather creative folk have congregated on this one public video service, to try and share their ideas with the rest of the world. It turned out to be the easiest and most efficient way to reach target audiences. Businesses, small and large, have utilized this one platform to launch their projects , make their brands more popular, and even cash in on some of their creations.

Lately, however, the whole video marketing scene is shifting towards live videos, live feeds, streaming and so on.

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Google and YouTube are constantly under fire for not treating video creators with adequate support when something goes wrong – whether it’s related to copyright claims or any other potential difficulties that could bother channel owners. The fact that a whole bunch of major companies decided to pull their advertising from YouTube, hasn’t helped the situation either. Corporations like AT&T, Verizon, the pharmaceutical company GSK, Pepsi, Walmart, Johnson & Johnson, the car rental firm Enterprise, have all pulled advertising from the video-sharing platform. Top brands have had trouble like seeing their content next to videos that promote extremist views or hate speech. For instance, Verizon’s ads were featured alongside videos from Egyptian cleric Wagdi Ghoneim (banned from the US over extremism). According to expert estimates, YouTube could be looking at a projected loss of $750 million in revenue during 2017 over advertisers halting business.

The Hard Truth About YouTube

The trouble stems from the notion that setting up a YouTube channel will guarantee you steady income, thus becoming a certain way to make a living. Such an approach seems rather misguided considering the unbelievable competition that currently exists on Google’s platform, YouTube. This fuels the widespread misconception that there’s some certain recipe out there for YouTube success, just because so many people already earn a living that way. So, if you know that, for instance, millennials are the biggest target audience and video games are what people are watching the most, that won’t be enough to establish a successful YouTube channel. That’s usually a very long and challenging journey, albeit if you really have your heart set on that dream making your very own gaming channel is quite possible.

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Far be it for me to discourage people from expressing their own opinions and ideas on YouTube, but simply must be said that video monetization on YouTube and Google’s ad sense program isn’t a good place to start. Experienced and well-informed marketers, businessmen and, well even YouTubers, will no openly tell you that it’s well beyond time to think how to make money without YouTube. More often than not, the best solution is to bring a successful and recognizable brand or person to YouTube, rather than using it as the first stepping stone on the road to successful video monetization.

Monetizing YouTube Videos Without YouTube

People are now finally becoming aware that people can no longer be easily swayed with the usual marketing schemes, especially when it comes to video. Audiences refuse to swallow any old crap, so that really points a finger at content creators and creative minds. In other words, any video content has to have a strong personal touch, so it can resonate with audiences. Integrating the channel with Google Adsense to monetize YouTube videos is always the common first step. However, the platform frequently tends to change policies towards certain content and that can have a negative impact on your channel.

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So, if you’ve if your monetization was disabled, you can still make money from your YouTube videos, regardless of the company’s current shift in monetization policy. Of course, bear in mind that these are tested ad networks, and video creatures can submit an application along with details of their YouTube channel – analytics reports, the number of videos and subscribers, etc. To recap, even when you make something that’s good enough to get people talking and jumping across various social networks, you should know that the Google Adsense program and YouTube aren’t the only methods of capitalizing and monetizing on your work. There are other solutions out there. Other platforms and other monetization systems. It is possible to make additional income if you’re YouTube channel takes off. What follows are some of those methods:

BridTV Video Platform

1. BridTV

What’s it about: Brid.tv is a cross device online video player platform that allows small and large businesses to host, encode and monetize videos anyhow they see fit. The platform offers free ad support and offers a proprietary ADIQ solution to regain inventory lost due to ad blockers.

Conditions: In order to become a partner at Brid, your site is required to have at least 5000 daily video views (ad calls). Also, the exchange system takes approximately 2-3 weeks before inventory and fill rate are ramped up for your account. Payout for publishers is accomplished via PayPal and, Bank Transfer (can be arranged).

Good or bad: The platform offers a pretty solid start for your web site and will give you a great opportunity to earn out of video content as quickly and easily as possible. Once your site is approved, Brid monetizes 100% of your ad inventory and shares revenue with you on a 60-40% basis. Publishers get 60%, and Brid gets a 40% cut.

Get Your Free Account Sign In

Monetization is just one of the perks BridTV video platform offers. Full video player customization and sharing options, Facebook Instant Articles and AMP video player support, HLS live video streaming and AdBlock recovery are among others. Set your account quickly and try it out.


2. FilmSection

What’s it about: FilmSection is a top multi-channel network, which features high revenue share, while utilizing its own ad network and AdSense earnings to bring in revenue. Monthly payments
and a three month trial are supported, and there’s 95% revenue sharing. In return, FilmSection gives you an assortment of tools to for producing and promoting content.

Conditions: To qualify as a FilmSection partner, you don’t have to worry about daily or monthly video views. Monthly payout via PayPal, Bank Transfer or the Western Union.

Good or bad: There is no withholding taxa and, according to the service, you earn 100% of everything you make. FilmSection takes  copyright seriously, the same way YouTube does.


3. BigFrame

About: BigFrame centers on multimedia and its service appears to boast relatively high production values. They encourage you to join their networks and will practically guarantee and promise earnings increase for your channel, albeit they are a bit less open when it comes to channel topics and content.

Conditions: Sadly, BigFrame does not focus on every channel, but rather on the top and rising stars. And that seems to be the catch here. So, the idea is to give these stars  resources and networking opportunities to boost channel growth. They basically seek out content creators and talented artists and actively cooperate to improve their work. Another catch is that their operation is limited to Wonderly, Polished, Outlandish and ForeFront, all of which support urban producers, fashion-oriented producers, female producers and LGBT producers. In short, you have to qualify to fit into one of those specific sections in order to apply.

Good or bad? Providing you get into one of the networks, BigFrame will supposedly give you a 40% income boost when compared to AdSense monetization. Most channels will jump at the chance to get a slice of that.


4. AdRev

About: As MCNs (Multi-Channel Networks) go AdRev has pretty standard features and has a large audio database, AudioMicro, which denotes a large database of completely free music to utilize for your videos. Similarly to the FilmSection, AdRev offers a lot of tools for video optimization and promotion.

Conditions: Require approximately 500 daily views to qualify and pays through Paypal with a minimum payment of $10 or by check (with a higher minimum payment).

Good or bad?: AdRev may not be entirely user-friendly. The service doesn’t list revenue share percentages or their contract terms without beginning the registration. While AdRev garnered a certain amount of negative feedback from content producers outside the network. Complaints about false copyright claims and forced monetization for non-partners were also mentioned, though with precious little proof. Contrary to that, people using the service largely praise it in a big way. So, when it comes to user experience, it appears to be a bit of mixed bag, but the network does get 25+ billion views annually.


5. Maker Studios

About: Maker Studios stands as one of the biggest networks out there, along with FilmSection and Machinima. Unlike, say BigFrame, which restricts is operating to specific content. These guys keep their doors open to a wider range of content, which, in this case come in the following subdivisions: Men, Women, Family and Entertainment. Should you fit into any of these categories, then you’re all set.

Conditions: The service keeps things simple. As part of the network you have to abide the copyright rules and must come up with content regularly. Lack of content means the network is left with little to no reason to support your channel.

Good or bad: Should you get into the network, the pay off is superb. It might be pertinent to mention that Maker Studios was acquired by Disney, which there’s more than enough resources for monetary expansion and for supporting talent. In fact, the official word is that Maker Studios has some of the highest CPM ads in the business. Low-traffic channels get something around 60% revenue, while a majority of popular channels receive a 90% take.


6. Fullscreen

About: Fullscreen was founded by people who worked within YouTube, having the knowledge and experience other networks may take longer to get to. Meanwhile you’ll be equipped with tools to aid you with design and sales of channel-related merchandise. Detailed data and analytics are included in the package, to assure optimization and promotion of video content.

Conditions: Clinging to MCN standards Fullscreen remains a strict stance towards copyright violations, so there must be no flags on your account. On the other hand, they may be willing to make an exception so don’t give up before you start, especially if you have a channel with a strong presence and plenty of views and subs. Expect 80-20% in revenue sharing.

Good or bad: While not exactly eager to reveal contract terms and other requirements (you are first required to reach certain status), the service does appear to have relatively low requirements nowadays, to lure as much talent as it possibly can, to keep things fresh and varied for potential advertisers.


7. Freedom!

About: We come across yet another rapidly growing YouTube Partnership network. Freedom! allocates resources and invests directly into your business. It connects you with other creators and expands across multiple platforms thus boosting your YouTube channel. One of the benefits of this network offers revenue visibility for everyone and doesn’t insist on a contract.

Conditions: The network requires 33 visits per day and, as we said, does not require a contract. It offers up to 95% revenue sharing and is apparently suitable a wide variety of channel categories, including music, gaming, vlog, beauty, etc. Minimal payout $1 via PayPal.

Good or bad: The cool thing is you can leave this particular Ad Network any time. Freedom! also helps keep your unique videos from being copied. Essentially, one of most highly praised Adsense alternatives out there. They pay you even if you made a mere $1.

If you consider yourself to be a respectable video content creator, YouTube, as you should know by now, isn’t the only video platform that offers monetization just as it is not the only video sharing website. Paid content and paid channels on paid platforms are also a wise alternative to YouTube, since these will put your work and brand in a stable and more controlled business environment. But that’s a story for some other time.

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