Content Trends for 2020, And Top 7 Content Strategies
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Top 7 Content Trends and Strategies for 2020

content trends in 2020

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Content creators working to conquer the digital market are in for one hell of a ride. Proving yourself as a content creator requires a bit of brainstorming and a lot of effort. The year 2019 has shown that there are no limits when it comes to content creation. But that has left everyone wondering whether the market was about to change. Although we can’t answer that question with certainty, one thing is sure — content trends on the dynamic online market are continuously evolving.    

You’re about to find out exactly what kind of content marketing trends you can expect in the coming months. Content creators, analysts, and marketers have already set the scene for the year ahead. Numerous crucial factors are sure to dominate the content race of 2020. However, it is your job to discern which ones are best for your businesses.

Here are our predictions for the most notable content trends that await us in 2020: 

  1. Highly engaging video content
  2. Marketing through attention-grabbing images
  3. Content geared towards chatbots and message apps
  4. Voice-optimized content
  5. Explainers “How-tos” and problem-solving content
  6. Original and user-generated content
  7. AR-optimized content

If you are faced with the ongoing challenge of making new and original content, I’m sure you’ve already realized how challenging it has become. The competition is enormous, and users have a tough time determining what kind of content/product/tech suits their needs.

This situation has also pushed marketers and business owners to think outside the box. The more unique an idea is, the more likely it is to seize the user’s attention. In an industry that’s growing by the day, content creators are becoming ready to move mountains just to stay ahead of the curve. 

Let’s be clear about one thing first. These content creation trends are yet to come and are based on the successful content strategies used in the past. Our predictions for content trends in 2020 are based on the experiences of creators and diverse businesses worldwide. So let’s elaborate on all of our predictions in more detail!

Highly Engaging Video Content

What are the challenges of making good video content (or content in general)? It’s simple. There are two primary challenges: 

1. Grabbing the user’s attention — User attention spans are getting shorter every year according to recent reports. That’s why it’s vital for brands and companies to grab their audience’s attention straight away. But that’s only the first challenge. 

2. Keep the user engaged throughout the video — The second hurdle is to keep the viewers engaged, and that’s not an easy feat.  

Sure, you’d think that the above points were the simplest thing in the world, but they really aren’t. Creating innovative content, particularly the kind that keeps people watching, is challenging. Unfortunately for many brands, this kind of content will dominate in 2020. If you want to learn more about what makes quality content, check out these content marketing formats you can use to engage your audience.    

Marketing Through Attention-Grabbing Images

As for images in general, it’s a common misconception that they are an outdated content marketing format. That couldn’t be further from the truth! Images are as powerful a tool as ever! In fact, one of the most popular types of images on the web right now is infographics. And considering how much they’ve been used in the past, we’re confident marketers will keep using them in 2020. 

If you’re still creating written content or video content, image optimization and image design should be one of your priorities. Through well-optimized visuals, you stand to make a tremendous impact on your content.

If you decide to give images a shot, you have to consider the following: 

  • Optimizing and improving blog visuals.
  • Making powerful social media images (eye-catching and engaging).  
  • Creating clickable video thumbnails
  • Improving thumbnail image quality if you’re using a YouTube alternative video player. 

Remember — images and infographics aren’t outdated and are still one of the most powerful content marketing tools. Use them to your advantage, and create some ripples with your content/brand!

Content Geared Towards Chatbots and Message Apps

2020 will see the continued proliferation of messaging apps and chatbot automation. Many regard this marketing method as a bit invasive, but regardless, numerous brands have found success with it. Research has shown that 95% of consumers expect to see customer service improvements using chatbots. It was also noted that 80% of businesses are leaning toward including a variant of chatbot automation by 2020. Well, here we are. It’s 2020, and the majority of companies have already hopped onto the chatbot bandwagon. Opus Research pointed out that businesses plan to invest $4.5 billion in chatbots by 2021! 

But wait, here comes the “scary” part. Chatbots are expected to become ‘more human’ and more AI-driven to enhance the customer experience further. But don’t worry; chatbot AIs are not going to start WW III. But it’s indisputable that they show a lot of potential regarding customer reach.   

Explainers, How-Tos, and Problem-Solving Content

Let’s face it — when people ask questions online, they prefer direct answers. They also like to be informed visually and as briefly as possible. That is why content is often optimized to be simple but educational; informative but entertaining. This content trend is to be the king of them all in 2020.  

There has been an increase in demand for informative and helpful content. That is something you can quickly determine on your own. Just remember the last time you’ve typed ‘how-to…’ into Google. Quite simply, Google and other search engines have noted an increase in how-to, what-is, and similar queries. The same thing goes for the world’s biggest public video service, YouTube. People prefer friendly, easy-to-understand explainer content, according to recent data. Check out these vital marketing statistics to learn more.

Voice-Optimized Content

Voice-activated content is becoming increasingly crucial for companies. This particular content delivery method has huge potential in terms of engagement, product promotion, and branding. Promoting your business through websites and social media is excellent, sure, but optimizing your content for voice search is the new and fast way to reach customers.

This trend correlates to the surge of devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home. People are becoming used to the advantages of various technologies like smart speakers and similar. In fact, the world has seen a steady rise in the use of digital voice assistants, and experts project that voice activation and voice tech will be a prominent content trend in 2020. Not too long ago, Google revealed that over 20 percent of mobile queries were voice searches. 

In terms of audiences, the previous year has shown some interesting stats. While younger generations are avid users of voice search, Thrive Analytics determined that folks of all age groups use mobile personal assistants. Despite that, millennials remain the most dominant users of voice search — numbers show that as many as 66% of millennials use voice-based search daily.

Be aware that if you are a content creator looking to cash in on voice-optimized content, you’ll have to think about SEO as well. Voice-based SEO is swiftly evolving, so make sure you stay up-to-date on what’s best for your business. 

Original and User-Generated Content

User-generated content is an excellent and affordable attention-grabber. Content trends in 2020 will be dominated by user-generated texts, videos, galleries, social media posts, and similar. People prefer seeing creative and original content — something unique and enticing. The moment content creators start copying ideas is when they’ll start losing audiences.

If you’re a content creator, you know that originality in that sense is usually hard to maintain, especially for huge corporations and businesses. In such environments, it’s tough to get the creative juices flowing. That is why businesses often turn to outside help.

The above is just one of the reasons influencer marketing has been flourishing. For the past year or so, businesses have made considerable investments in influencer marketing and user-generated content. Why? It’s fairly obvious. People prefer content they can relate to, and influencers and fans often have a better idea of what people are looking for. Influencers can be a shortcut to just the right target audiences for businesses. 

These days, 56% of consumers expect to see user-generated photos from brands. That is why many businesses rely on influencers for social media promotion nowadays. Around 60 million images are uploaded to Instagram alone every day, and quite a chunk of these are user-generated content. 

User-driven content is at the heart of many industries, and there are many platforms to choose from. Let’s take one of the latest online trends as an example — the video-sharing platform TikTok has seen massive growth throughout 2019 and now boasts over 1 billion active users. That says a lot about its marketing potential!

Also, we’ve already mentioned how millennials are a highly influential age group in influencer marketing. Why? Because an average millennial spends 18 hours a day consuming media, and 30% of that time is spent alongside user-generated content.   

AR-Optimized Content

AR has proved to be a powerful and surprisingly popular tool for marketers, both on mobile and desktop. There’s been a significant jump in AR awareness over the last few years. That’s right — 70%–75% of people aged 16–44 are aware of AR. These numbers are impressive, to say the least.

With the above in mind, it’s likely that this technology will dominate the digital marketing landscape and become one of the leading content trends in 2020. AR-driven marketing and advertising campaigns have blossomed in the past year. That’s why AR-optimized content can be an excellent way to reach your audience. According to recently gathered data, companies and various businesses will continue to invest in AR, AR-related tech, and AR-powered content. 

Content Trends on the Horizon 

You’ve surely noticed that we’ve only scratched the surface here. These are only a few methods that proved to be more than effective for content marketing purposes and customer reach. That is why we believe they will also thrive in the years to come.

There’s no questioning that 2020 will see a rise in the aforementioned AI-powered technologies and other tech that relies on machine learning. Of course, beyond machine learning, it’s all down to your creativity to come up with a kick-ass content marketing strategy. Sure, modern-day technology helps, but you’ll still have to put in the brunt of the work yourself and tailor that content to your business. 

So be bold, smart, creative, and let the technology do the rest!