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7 Best Video Ad Networks for Publishers & Advertisers

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Today a majority of advertisers are turning to services like Google and Facebook as advertising platforms to reach customers. Lately, however, quite a lot of businesses are simply turning to other platforms for their advertising needs. The fact is that there is a considerable amount of ad networks out there that can bring you closer to your financial goals without having to take part in a highly competitive advertising race on Google or Facebook.

Moving away from these two giants and switching to other advertising networks eliminates having to deal with heaps of other companies who are competing in the same market. Recently, it was officially confirmed that there are over 3 million companies and businesses advertising via Facebook.

If you want brand recognition, it’s highly advisable to establish some sort of presence on social media; whether it’s @Facebook, @Twitter, @Google and, of course, @YouTube. Organically or with paid ads. Click To Tweet
Now, do not take this the wrong way, these services are usually a superfast way to connect with audiences and to get the ball rolling so to speak. Let’s face it, if you want brand recognition, it’s highly advisable to establish some sort of presence on social media; whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Google and, of course, YouTube. Organically or with paid ads. As far as paid advertising goes, financially, these may not be the best solutions and here’s why.

When advertising on the Google and Facebook it may cost a bit initially, plus you have a huge competition from other companies who are trying to do the same thing. In fact, in AdWords across you have to dish out $2.69 for the average CPC for search and $0.63 for display. Top keywords go as far as $55 per click. Meanwhile, the average CPC for ads on Facebook ads is $1.72 and that price is climbing as more and more advertisers are clashing for their piece of the advertising pie.

Ad Networks That Are Tried-and-True

As we continue down the road of digital advertising, we have singled out a whole range of ad networks out there that have proven to be effective for publishers. Quite a lot of these ad networks were tailored to suit the climate in a vibrant modern-day B2B scene.

There is actually a whole range of different video ad networks that can give your businesses the kind of exposure and growth you are looking for, without dealing with the pressures of swimming in the murky and competitive waters of advertising on platforms such as Google or Facebook.
Ad networks that were tailored to suit the climate in a vibrant modern-day #B2B scene. Click To Tweet


SpringServe is certainly one of the top picks when it comes to delivering top-notch ads. In addition, their services include a vast assortment of very effective ad serving tools. They also focus a lot on allowing publishers and advertisers to fine-tune their ad serving experience. You can also expect a speedy and intuitive user interface with the brand new SpringServe release, they cover services that include improved Header Bidding and macros for GDPR compliance.

Also, SpringServe features auto optimization that helps you with other aspects of ad serving such as waterfall optimization. The option is extremely useful as it allows you to adjust parameters and run the optimization ever 20 minutes, so it’s possible to specify and reprioritize demand tags, getting you closer to that perfect fill rate.

Division D

Division D
Division D offers advertising solutions, allowing publishers to make the most out of high impact ad units. Establishing better ad performance with Division D it’s easier to battle falling click-through rates. For better reach, the services provided include advanced targeting capabilities, that give you a chance to get closer to specific audiences.

Employing these targeting strategies is only one side of the coin; other options include offering cookie-based insights and IP based tactics, custom-layered to narrow down the target audience.


YuMe is one of our regular partners for video advertising. Their services help our clients reach validated audiences to stay connected, as they improve their brand recognition. They offer a range of brand advertising solutions that lead to boosted reach and sales. Engaging audiences has proven to be most effective with YuMe, so various publishers and brand advertisers content easily with that match their needs and interests.

A programmatic video is also in the company’s crosshairs, as well as a number of additional techs that helps publishers optimize their video ad expenses.

Harren Media

Harren Media
Harren Media endeavors to provide   Bidding tech and focuses on maximizing profit for publishers, as well as boosting those impressions to get to that lovely 100% fill rate. As a client, you get access to a wide range of first-rate global advertisers, in addition to exclusive offers and optimizations on a daily basis to help pubs achieve better ROI.

Their premium services denote top-of-the-range advertisers, demand coming from direct branding advertisers plus top SSPs, a dedicated ad ops, various payments methods etc.


The mobile ad solution puts forth a selection of unique benefits that are geared towards maxing out your conversions – this particularly relates to mobile ad conversions. Inmobi has been around for a while and is known for offering a variety of modern-day features that unlock the door to fast and easy monetization for publishers.

With Inmobi this is achievable through the network’s programmatic monetization platform that pushes app revenue with an ad mediation platform or directly via in-app advertising.

Google AdSense for Video

Google AdSense for Video
Google Network serves automatic text, image, video or interactive media ads. Simple enough. The only drawback is that it requires your domain or site to already have a significant history and consistency in quality content that connects with audiences. There are no minimum traffic requirements.

AdSense for content features numerous monetization solutions for publishers and, naturally, you can utilize “AdSense for video.” Mind you, this involves the implementation of a sample video player through IMA SDK. After that, there’s an approval period and once that kicks in, you’ll be able to get solid CPM rates from AdSense for video (reportedly getting up to around $15 CPM if you have tier one traffic).

And a lot will depend on whether or not you have an established domain and if you are reaching the right audiences. Again, it is necessary for your 40% of your video content to have over 2 million video impressions per month. Another important fact is that your video content mustn’t be present or hosted on YouTube because YouTube isn’t eligible for AdSense for video (as you probably know the video service has the YouTube partner program allowing you to monetize video content – but that also has a list of requirements).


This particular mobile advertising network stands out gives advertisers a chance to reach viewers utilizing over 150,000 applications. The company provides various ad formats that are geared to ensure better engagement with users, and basically serving ads that establish a better connection with audiences in general.

Airpush is also known for pushing the boundaries, which is something few advertisers can claim these days. For example, they’ve introduced new formats for banner video and video ads such as Abstract Banners. They cover various formats, such as push notification, video, overlay, rich media, landing page (mobile web), in-app banners, abstract and more.

Being a publisher today means you have to be ready to make compromises and test new things all at the same time. It also means you should diversify your revenue options. Utilizing one, or more, of these video ad networks listed here, together with the big guns like Facebook and Google is your best course of action in expanding and evolving your business.