BridTV Coull Integration: New Value for to Your Ad Campaigns
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coull integration

For the past two years web publishers have been coming to us for support when it comes to online video monetization. As the industry grows and evolves, we have pushed our platform beyond what our clients expect. As a result, the extent and quality of our services has reached a point where publishers can rely on an amazing variety of features that are a tremendous benefit both to their business, as well as their own clients.


BridTV Powers Esports Championship: Dota 2, Tekken, League of Legends and More
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iesf world championship

We do not shy away from our passions. There’s no denying that a big chunk of our team is in love with games. We enjoy diving deep into video game experiences. Everything is on the menu, from the endless open-world magic of games like Red Dead Redemption 2 and The Witcher 3, to the non-stop multiplayer madness we sink our time into – like Fortnite, Overwatch, World of Warcraft, PUBG, Destiny 2, and, of course, League of Legends. So, when we’re not perfecting and improving our video technology, we fire up our favorite games on the PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch or Xbox One. Now it’s time to turn our gaze to the IESF World Championship.


User Experience Comes First, Thanks to Better Ads Standards
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better ads standards

Putting trust in a company these days has become vital to users and customers more than anything else. It’s not merely about getting a quality service or product. People are looking for a clear message, a sincere connection or something they can relate to. They keep this in mind at all times when they examine the possibility of doing business with an enterprises or other companies. Things are very similar in the online market. When people seek out information or entertainment, they want quality in addition to honesty. Right smack in the middle of this exciting and ever-growing world of technology, e-commerce and business, lies a brand new endeavor called Better Ads Standards.


BridTV by Devs for Devs: Drupal and WP Integration
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drupal integration

BridTV has always been focused on maximizing revenue through top-quality video technology. Any web publisher relying on our groundbreaking video tech is given a monetization solution that can easily be implemented via intelligent and well-optimized developer tools. Satisfied web publishers have made it clear just how efficient our video platform is at maintaining stable income for them, in addition to being their platform of choice when it comes to monetization and video management. However, developers are also one of our top concerns. We hold their needs and ideas at heart. Our entire infrastructure is a system created by developers for developers. Following our WordPress plugin platform upgrade, we are eager to report that if you wish to have Drupal integration for BridTV you can happily do so.


Comprehensive Video Player Analytics by BridTV
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video player analytics

Nailing your digital marketing campaign is only possible if you’re using top-of-the-line metrics; an aspect that’s particularly important if your business endeavor relies on video. Optimizing your ad performance (as well as the performance of video content in general) is undoubtedly your top priority. With the help of the enhanced, freshly implemented BridTV Analytics Engine you will be able to boost your income and improve monetization. As a web publisher you may utilize Brid Analytics to gather across-the-board metrics and in-depth video player analytics.    


BirdTV WordPress Video Plugin 3.0 – Incorporated Analytics, CMS and More
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wordpress video plugin

With each passing upgrade, our in-house AI-powered technology has evolved beyond our wildest expectations, thus streamlining our revenue platform and making the whole system faster and easier for our users. In addition, this incredible tech has allowed us to create an intuitive modern OVP (Online Video Platform); one that’s easily operated by developers. The biggest and most valuable facet of our HTML5 video player and CMS is being able to custom-tailor the whole video tech to suit the scale and style of your business. Now, if you’re running an online business and you are fishing for a steady, well-optimized WordPress video plugin, then you might want to read on.


BridTV Summer 2019 Platform Update
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video monetization

Consistently working on ways to improve and streamline video monetization for web publishers, the Brid team delivers a range of additions to our in-house technology. The latest BridTV platform update features a vast range of incredibly valuable upgrades that will not only help you on the road to better ROI, but will also make things faster and easier than ever.


BridTV: The Most Powerful JW Player Alternative
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jw player alternative

Conveying an accurate message about your business or product might be a difficulty task, albeit it comes down to overcoming one simple challenge – understanding what people want and letting them know how you can help them improve their own business. Maintain this as your primary objective and you’ll send ripples across the B2B market with your product/business. Video is the fastest and best way to send a clear message to consumers and customers out there. Did you know that today content marketers who are using video achieve a 66% higher average website conversion rate than those who don’t? In order to achieve even greater results both marketers and business owners are expanding their digital strategies with new ideas and new technologies.


BridTV Sticky Player: Unmatched Ad Viewability
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ad viewability

For well over a year now, activating the ‘Sticky’ BridTV Video Player has created tremendous monetization opportunities and, more importantly, higher revenue for a majority of businesses. There’s no doubt that this as an absolute favorite. Satisfied web publishers have been utilizing BridTV Sticky Player in well over 1200 players as a tried-and-true monetization method and a way to ensure top-notch ad viewability. That number speaks for itself.


Let Your Own Publishers Monetize via BridTV White Label
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white label

Okay, so your business is a success and you’ve managed to implement a solid strategy into your plan. In order to take your online business to new heights, it would be wise to consider new and innovative technologies. The latest edition of the BridTV HTML 5 video player has recently been improved with highly advanced tech, that allows you to optimize your monetization strategy even further. The BridTVG White-Label Video SSP solution could be the new angle you need to upgrade your business model.