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10 Rules for Effective Facebook Marketing [Infographic]

Facebook is, by far, the largest social network in existence today. With 1.79 billion active users, and counting, the social media titan now has more users than the entire population of China (1.40 billion).

With such a huge user base, it’s easy to see why it’s a crucial part of any successful marketer’s strategy. But in this day and age, its standing as the number one social media platform also begs the question: How do you stand out from the rest of content vying for users’ limited time and attention?

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One of the keys to cutting through the noise on Facebook is understanding one fundamental concept: Facebook advertising is not synonymous with Facebook marketing. While the former entails launching an ad campaign, the latter requires engaging in actual conversations with users and building connections with your audience.

Some of the ways you can do this include:

  • Focusing on what matters to your fans–versus what matters to you;

  • Join a conversation on a trending topic;

  • Provide links to useful and valuable posts and guides; and

  • Host timeline contests to boost engagement.

For more quick tips on how to create an effective Facebook marketing strategy, take a look at this useful infographic below, created and supplied to us by Visme :
10 Rules for Effective Facebook Marketing Infographic Small Size
Download bigger version here (800×5460). Big thanks for sharing this with us to Visme a simple and effective tool that will help you translate your ideas into engaging content in the form of presentations, Infographics, reports etc. Up your content marketing efforts with this great tool.

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