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April 8, 2016
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April 13, 2016

Different Layers Of A Video Marketing Strategy

There are lots of advantages of using video content for your business promotion. Nick Dennis, master principal consultant from Oracle Marketing Cloud, stated that video marketing can be used to educate prospects, maximising lead scoring, nurturing sales streams and boosting overall conversion rates. Interactive videos are proving to be particularly positive in business markets, “in the form of embedded forms, questionnaires, surveys and other types of interactive elements that can engage customers”.
According to Cowen and company data published in Q1 2016, video content will become the fastest-growing category on mobile and on the desktop from 2016 through 2020.
Video marketing can improve your connection with your consumers, and bring some new ones as well. But, marketers need to be aware of the fact  that producing lots of content may not be successful if that content isn’t effective. Developing a successful video marketing strategy, and creating an effective video content depends on a few important steps and decisions  you need to figure out – you need to choose the video landscape itself, asset management, the video format and access controls.
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Choosing The Cloud Based Storage For Managing Your Video:
There are many reasons why you should go for the cloud-based video content management system for managing your video asset. Few years ago, the benefits of using a third party were because of their close, geographical, proximity to your business. The technology has improved, and now you and your entire video marketing team can access your video files at any time. With the right choice of the cloud-based video content management system, you can easily handle different types of file formats.
The most important thing is that the platform you chose is easy to use. You don’t want any difficulties when handling your video asset, because it will be a waste of time, and it can turn out to be complicated and stressful. The perfect platform would be the one available for anyone to use, without any special skills required.
The SEO benefits of Using Third Party Video Hosting Services
Here is another reason why you should use third party video hosting services- it improves the ranking of your website. Embedding your video content to your homepage, blog, and to your landing pages will help with SEO and encourage prospective customers to convert. The most important advantages include additional backlink and shared content options and custom SEO embed code which influences your site.
Choose Your Video Player
Your video player needs to be chosen carefully. There are two reasons one is usually left without viewers – the audience won’t forgive waiting for your video to load or a low quality of video content. You need to provide them with a quality of your video content and a memorable video experience. Your video content is a potentially powerful tool to drive business  success, so make sure you get it right by choosing the appropriate Video Player.
Distribute Your Video Content Around The globe
After creating your video you need to promote your content and ensure you maximise the content’s exposure. Appropriate platforms you choose should provide the ability to distribute numerous videos to a variety of destinations: social networks/channels, blogs, websites…wherever your potential customer surfs.
Customise Your Video Content
Make sure you have customization and complete control over your video content. Many of online video platforms, like, offer you complete control over player design allowing you to brand your website additionally when you share it on Facebook and Twitter. When embedding your videos on your web page with our online video player, you can choose between 33 official skins professionally made on our platform and decide which one would be the best fit for your web page.
Measure Your Marketing Results
All the investment in your video marketing needs to be carefully planned and justified. You can only do that by having the insight of the measures and metrics of your video performance. You can use many tools that platforms provide you that will guide you to tailor the right kind of content and improve your marketing strategy. With you can use Google Analytics to see these metrics.  Google Analytics is the most widely used web analytics service on the Internet. Here are some advantages of using Google Analytics that could improve the popularity of your website:
With this tool, you can see who visits your site, what the users do when they are on your website, the most visited hours in the day for your site, how your visitors interacted with your content, and where a user arrived from and came to your website.
The video content marketing industry is moving fast, and so can you if you stick with while creating your video marketing strategy.