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September 10, 2020
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YouTube Is Not Your Only Option — There Are Plenty of Alternatives

A man looking at a phone with youtube logos spraying out of it covering his face and alternative video platforms to youtube written on the side

With its more than 2 billion active users, it would be ignorant not to say that YouTube is a universally known and loved video platform. In fact, it wouldn’t be that far-fetched to state that it has become a worldwide phenomenon. YouTube is indisputably the sole reason for the global online video craze that’s been going on recently. But if YouTube is so popular and well-established, why would people be looking for an alternative video platform?

It’s safe to say that they’re doing that with a heavy heart. As accessible and successful as YouTube is, the platform is currently in its worst state since its launch in 2005. There are plenty of problems plaguing it, and YouTube hasn’t made any progress in solving them. If anything, these issues have only gotten worse over the last few years.

This unfortunate deterioration of YouTube has led to much discontent among its creators and many people looking for alternative video platforms. Don’t trust us? Just look at how many people in the U.S. alone Google the word “youtube alternative” and “youtube alternative site” each month:

screenshot of keyword volume for keywords youtube alternative and youtube alternative sites

The above proves how many creators or businesses are at their wit’s end due to the platform’s overwhelming issues. But what are these problems exactly?

Problems With YouTube

The issues that plague YouTube aren’t technical. If they were, they’d be easy to address. Unfortunately, the problems are much harder to fix because most involve customer relations. Here are just some of the issues millions of creators have with YouTube:

  • Vague community guidelines and their inconsistent enforcement — YouTube often takes down videos that fully adhere to their community guidelines without elaborating on the reasoning behind the action. That often happens even when videos get manually reviewed, which most creators find unacceptable.
  • Unfair demonetization penalties — YouTube’s automated monetization bot is extremely flawed and often demonetizes creators’ videos that follow the community guidelines to the T. That has led to many creators’ being in constant anxiety over potentially having their livelihoods taken away.
  • Abusable DMCA flagging system — YouTube’s copyright flagging system is one of the worst on the internet. Anyone (even fresh creators) can copyright claim any video without any proof of ownership of the material. The long and sluggish copyright strike appeal system can often lead to immense frustration, revenue loss, and sometimes even to a full channel deletion due to false flagging.
  • Lack of communication — One of the biggest gripes content creators have with YouTube is its lack of communication. The primary concerns are with YouTube’s refusal to communicate and explain their community guidelines better and unhelpful and sluggish customer support (particularly for smaller creators).

These and many more horrible YouTube trends are the primary reasons so many people have been looking for alternative video platforms.

Are you regularly getting demonetized on YouTube? Check out this article to learn how to survive the YouTube demonetization apocalypse.

Why Having Alternatives Is Essential

We know it’s hard to leave something you have fond memories of and love, but who says you have to? Yes, people might be searching for alternative video platforms to YouTube, but that doesn’t mean they have to leave the platform. No — it’s just wise to have a backup if something goes awry. But why else is having alternatives vital except for the obvious? 

Firstly, diversifying your income by becoming a part of other video-sharing websites is an excellent way to have some funds on the side if your YouTube channel gets demonetized or worse.

Are you looking for YouTube monetization alternatives? Check out this article to learn about various ways you can diversify your income on YouTube.

Also, building an audience on some YouTube alternatives or a personal website will futureproof your career if YouTube ever shuts down. Don’t forget — nothing lasts forever, and the same applies to YouTube. 

Finally, did you ever wonder why YouTube isn’t doing anything to fix the platform’s jarring issues? Because it has no competition. That is why turning toward platforms similar to YouTube and building a following on them may give YouTube the incentive to address the issues they have to keep creators from leaving.

With all of the above in mind, it should be evident why having a presence on multiple platforms can only be positive for all creators. Doing that doesn’t require much effort on your part but can prove invaluable at preserving your income should something unfortunate happen on YouTube. 

It’s always best to have options.

Best YouTube Alternatives

When it comes to video platform alternatives to YouTube, there are many out there. They are all widely different, so before you decide to try one out, you should first ask yourself what you need from a video platform. Are you looking for a video-sharing website to promote your content and expand your audience? Are you interested in finding the best monetization alternative to YouTube? Or do you need a very specifically-oriented community for it to enjoy your content?

All of the above are things to consider when looking to get started on another video platform, so ensure that you have all the answers before you start. Now, we’re going to give you some alternative video platforms to consider. Do note that even though we have sorted them into categories “for creators” and “for businesses” purely on our intuition about what would better fit these creators, feel free to pick any that you find suitable for your needs regardless of whether you’re a content creator or a major online publisher.

Alternative Video Platforms to YouTube for Creators

Here are three video platforms that creators who are failing to fit in on YouTube might find appealing:


bitchute logo

Bitchute is a free video-sharing website similar to YouTube that has more lenient content rules and policies. The platform prides itself on supporting free speech and accepts all types of content creators. This platform is a popular destination for YouTube creators who got their channels banned or demonetized because of its like-minded community. 

Unfortunately, as with all YouTube alternatives, this platform doesn’t have a huge audience, so that is a downside. However, that also means that the competition is low, which might prove an excellent way to build a presence on the platform.


  • Supports free speech.
  • There is little competition.
  • Can automate uploading content via a plugin.


  • Limited advertising options.
  • Only supports videos up to 720p.
  • The platform’s user base is not that diverse.


lbry logo

Lbry.TV is a decentralized platform where users can upload digital content, including videos. The website prides itself on its being censorship-resistant, so if you’re having trouble keeping your videos on YouTube, this platform might be an excellent alternative for you. Some of the best aspects of Lbry.TV are that they have various monetization options, such as locking your content behind a paywall, and plenty of different types of content on the platform.

 At Lbry.TV, you can enjoy anything from short video game compilations to various tutorials. Unfortunately, this platform only pays creators via bitcoin, so if you’re not versed in cryptocurrency, you might have some difficulties setting yourself up.


  • Decentralized platform.
  • Available on mobile & desktop.
  • Can automate uploading content via a plugin.
  • Variety of monetization options.


  • Small audience.
  • Creators can only generate revenue in bitcoin.


storyfire logo

Storyfire is currently one of the best alternative video platforms to YouTube for a wide range of popular video content creators. The platform has more relaxed community guidelines, gives creators a higher cut from ad revenue, and has numerous big YouTube creators on it already. 

Storyfire allows you to enjoy high-quality content free of charge. However, if you’re a creator looking to get started on the platform, you might be up for a bumpy ride. Storyfire has some troublesome limitations for new content creators, making getting started on the platform more challenging than it should be.


  • Much more lenient policies than YouTube.
  • Has a mobile app.
  • Creators take a higher cut from ad revenue than on YouTube.


  • Storyfire’s audience is still pretty small.
  • Getting started on the platform can be challenging, as there are many limitations to new content creators.

Alternative Video Platforms to YouTube for Businesses

Here are three video platforms that businesses can use to build their brands and revenue further:


vimeo logo

Vimeo is one of the largest video hosting platforms on the web, aside from YouTube. This video giant has been on the market since 2004 and is still the go-to platform for various businesses worldwide.

Some of the reasons Vimeo is excellent for businesses and publishers is because it offers plenty of customization and branding options. That is perfect for brands looking to get noticed. On top of that, Vimeo provides some handy features like video analytics, social integration, and excellent video quality. This video giant even has a handy mobile app, which means users can enjoy it on the go!

However, where Vimeo falls flat is in its price and the monetization department. Like most video platforms for businesses, Vimeo is a premium service that comes at quite a steep fee for its upload limits. Also, Vimeo doesn’t have plenty of monetization opportunities, which means publishers and creators won’t earn much revenue.

You can find out more about Vimeo’s pricing plan here.


  • Excellent video quality (up to 4K Ultra HD).
  • Allows for player and URL customization.
  • Offers extensive video analytics and seamless social media integration.
  • Has a mobile app.


  • Lower-tier plans have low upload limits.
  • Vimeo’s audience is pretty narrow, and user engagement on the platform is subpar at best. 
  • Limited monetization options.


brid.tv logo

Brid.TV is an online video platform and monetization solution that focuses on video content monetization. So if you’re a publisher or content creator looking to migrate your content from YouTube to a website, Brid.TV is the best solution for you!

Brid.TV platform has a simple, user-friendly CMS and provides a fully white-label video player, allowing brands to customize and brand it at will. And if you have any live streaming needs, Brid.TV also supports HLS live streaming at multiple quality renditions.

But where Brid.TV shines is in the video monetization department! If your primary source of revenue is ads, we at Brid.TV have the widest variety of video monetization options for creators and supports all the latest video advertising technology. Instream and outstream ads, VAST and VPAID support, ad pods, video carousel, and more await at Brid.TV.

Unfortunately, Brid.TV is not a video-sharing platform, meaning you will need to have a website to use our services. Also, the most advanced features are only available to higher-tier subscribers.

You can find out more about our pricing plans here.


  • One of the largest varieties of video monetization options on the market.
  • Entirely customizable white-label solution.
  • Extensive real-time video and ad analytics.
  • Easily-navigable and user-friendly CMS.
  • Supports both video and live streaming content.
  • Custom WordPress plugin for seamless integration with your WordPress website.


  • Most of the advanced features are only available to Business Plan or Premium users.
  • Brid.TV doesn’t provide a video-sharing platform, meaning you must have a website to use it.
  • Overage fees are a bit steep if you incur them, despite Brid.TV’s plans having generous limits.

Are you interested in trying Brid.TV out for free? Send us an email and get access to a Premium free trial today!


brightcove player logo

Brightcove is another popular video hosting platform particularly suitable for enterprise-level businesses. 

The best part about this platform is that it’s an all-in-one solution with plenty of features like video analytics and live streaming options. This video hosting platform also offers seamless integration with various marketing automation tools, making it particularly useful for marketers. On top of that, Brightcove even allows its users to monetize their videos, though that feature is quite limited.

Perhaps one of the most significant downsides to this tech giant is that it’s not beginner-friendly with its clunky UI and non-transparent pricing. Also, if you want to learn how much their services cost, you have to contact them to get an estimate. Finally, another significant flaw for businesses without a well-established audience is that Brightcove is not a video-sharing platform but a hosting one. That means it doesn’t have a native audience, meaning you’ll need to take your content to a self-built website.

You can contact Brightcove to learn more about their pricing scheme here.


  • An excellent platform choice for enterprise-level publishers.
  • Supports marketing automation integration.
  • Offers both video and live streaming services.
  • Allows a decent amount of player customizability.


  • No existing audience, as Brightcove is not a video-sharing platform.
  • Brightcove isn’t transparent with their pricing.
  • Not the most user-friendly UI.
  • They require you to pay extra for 24/7 support.

Social Platforms as YouTube Alternatives

Believe it or not, social media platforms can be excellent YouTube alternatives nowadays. That is because the growth of video wasn’t limited to YouTube. Many social networks have introduced significantly better support for video on their platforms, making some of them well-worthy contenders as YouTube alternatives.

Social media platforms are a particularly wise choice if you already have a substantial social following as a content creator or brand. That is why if worst comes to worst, using popular social networks as alternative video platforms to YouTube could be an excellent solution.

Here are our recommendations on what we think are currently the two best social video platforms:

Facebook — An Excellent Alternative for Creators

facebook logo

According to Statista, Facebook has over 2.7 billion users, making it the largest social media platform globally. With such a massive user base, it shouldn’t be surprising that Facebook was the first social network to push for change.

Ever since Facebook started giving higher exposure to native videos, video content has been flourishing on the platform. There are currently more than eight billion video views daily on Facebook, and that number is sure to grow even further! Even live streaming has gotten off the ground on the platform recently!

So if you ever end up stuck in a rut on YouTube, consider making Facebook your new home!

LinkedIn — A Worthy Alternative for Businesses

linkedin logo

Similarly to Facebook, LinkedIn’s algorithm has started favoring videos quite a lot recently. Lately, video campaigns on LinkedIn have seen 50% higher view rates, and video content is everywhere!

Although this social network is substantially smaller than Facebook (around 675 million monthly users), it is business-oriented and is a heaven for B2B entrepreneurs. So if you’re a business or brand looking for an alternative video platform to YouTube, considering getting started with video content on LinkedIn is a sound choice!

Having Alternatives Will Prove Worthwhile!

As you can see, there are many YouTube alternatives out there, regardless of the content you’re creating. All of the above platforms are suitable for different types of creators and businesses, so you have plenty to choose from. 

Whichever platform you end up considering, remember one thing — regardless of what you do in life, you will never truly be in control until you have alternatives… So do you want to be helpless, or do you want to take your future into your own hands?

Best of luck to you!

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