64 YouTube Content Ideas to Get the Inspiration Ball Rolling
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64 YouTube Content Ideas to Help You Overcome Creator’s Block

youtube content ideas

With YouTube being the world’s largest video sharing platform with over 50 million creators worldwide competing for viewers’ attention, only the cream of the crop content makes it big. With such massive competition on the platform, it’s unsurprising that many creators are under a lot of pressure to come up with fresh YouTube content ideas for their channels. 

Luckily for you, we’re here to help! We’ve compiled an extensive list of various YouTube video ideas that are sure to get the creative ball rolling. We’re going to cover ideas for different content types, so whether you are an independent content creator or a brand looking for some exciting ideas, you’re sure to find some inspiration here!

64 YouTube Content Ideas Your Audience Will Love

Here are the six different types of content we showcased ideas for:

Let’s get right into it!

General Content

1. Introductory Video

Creating an introductory video for your brand-new channel is always an excellent place to start! You can introduce yourself, tell your audience a bit about yourself, and let them know what kind of content you’ll be making. Oh, and don’t forget to make that video a featured video on your channel profile!

2. Create a Draw-My-Life Video

Draw My Life is a type of video on YouTube that introduces a creator’s audience to their life before their YouTube career. Most platform’s giants have made one of these as they are a fun and exciting way to show your viewers what lies behind your creator persona. You use a whiteboard and a marker to illustrate your past while narrating it, so these videos are quite straightforward to make! It’s a quick little fun video you too could use to get closer to your faithful viewers.

3. Start a Vlog

Do you have an impressive day-to-day routine? If so, vlogging is perfect for you! All you have to do is record yourself daily, talk to your audience, and upload it to your channel.

4. Do a Challenge Video

Challenge videos have been all the rage for as long as the internet has been around, so participating in one yourself is an excellent idea. From the ice bucket challenge to the condom challenge, little hasn’t been done already. But don’t worry; new challenges are appearing daily, so check which challenge is currently trending and jump on the bandwagon!

5. Record a Response Video

This YouTube content idea is an excellent way to engage in dialogue with other creators on the platform. Did you see something you like or dislike in another creator’s content? Or did you perhaps find someone else’s video addressing you? Make a response video and reap the benefits!

6. Make a Parody Video

Making people laugh has always been a surefire way to make people like you and engage with your content. And what is better at that than parodies? If you are a creative soul, you will love the idea of creating a parody. And the best part is that you can make one on anything you like!

7. Do a Q&A Video

Sitting at your desk and doing a Q&A session is an incredible way to include fans in your content! You can use the YouTube comments section or social media queries to collect the necessary material for the video, and then answer them on camera. Overall, these videos are quick to make and generate a lot of engagement, so ensure you do them occasionally!

8. Do an Unboxing Video

Did you get some fan mail, or did a long-awaited delivery finally arrive? Why not unbox it on camera and upload it to YouTube? Many people love this kind of content, especially if it’s something you’ll use for future content or unusual.

9. Record a House Tour

After you establish a significant viewer base, an excellent way to get closer to them is by doing a house tour. You’d be surprised how many people enjoy learning more about where you live, what your setup is, etc.

10. Comedy Skits

Just like parodies, comedy skits are incredibly entertaining and are view magnets. So if you have a funny bone, these might be just the right content for you!

11. Day in the Life Video

Sometimes, people are just thrilled to see how their favorite YouTuber’s regular day looks. So why not give them that?

12. Opinion Video

If you are an opinionated person, getting your thoughts out there can make for some high-quality content. However, you just have to be mindful of what you’re saying, particularly if you’re dealing with sensitive subjects. Although these videos often perform well, some people might not like what you have to say at times. So be prepared for potential backlash if you decide to go for this YouTube content idea!

Gaming Content

13. Start a Let’s-Play

Let’s Plays are incredibly popular on YouTube, and everyone and their mother is making them! However, just because that is the case doesn’t mean you shouldn’t join in. Each creator gives an entirely different twist to a Let’s Play, so you’re near guaranteed to attract viewers. Oh, and did we mention they’re as simple to make as recording yourself playing a game?

14. Make a Gaming Highlights Compilation

This content idea does require you to already have an extensive library of gaming content on your channel, but it’s an incredibly potent way of entertaining your viewers. So as soon as you get a few epic moments on camera, compile them in a highlight video!

15. Create a Walkthrough Guide

Gaming guides and walkthroughs are evergreen content on YouTube. No matter how much time passes, some people will return to an older game, or new gamers will want to try it out, and many will look for help. That’s where your walkthroughs come in!

16. Do a Speedrun

Few people are skilled enough to speed run games, but if you’re one of the lucky few, you have a near-guaranteed viewer base! That will prove particularly true if you break a world record or two, so don’t forget to upload your best speedruns to YouTube! 

17. Film a Gaming Trivia Video

Everybody likes to stuff their minds with useless information, and gamers are no different! Creating gaming trivia videos is an excellent way to engage existing and lure in new viewers.

18. Review a Newly Released Game

Although anything opinion-based can backfire if your analysis differs from popular opinion, many gamers look for video game reviews before making a purchase. That is why game reviews are well-sought-after content that can help you grow your channel significantly if done right!

19. Do a Game Comparison

Comparing multiple well-beloved titles and seeing how they fare against each other is an exciting way to communicate with your viewers. Also, don’t forget to ask your audience to post their opinions in the comments. That way, you will facilitate engagement and show that you care about your community’s voice.

20. Talk About In-Game Strategy

Discussing the current best-performing strategies (the META) of a gaming title is a surefire way to drive views. Gamers are highly competitive by nature, so the demand for such educational content is always high. However, you will have to remain up to date with the latest trends and practices of the particular game you decide to cover to provide accurate data. This YouTube content idea requires more research and work, so it might not be for everyone.

21. Show Off a Mod You Made

If you have a passion for programming and game development and mod games in your free time, you’ve got yourself a winner content idea! There are plenty of games out there that are kept alive by user-generated mods alone, so showcasing them on YouTube would result in some quality content.

22. Shoot a Rig Showcase

Gamers love powerful machines, so doing a video on your PC setup is sure to generate traction. You could also include your audience in one of your next videos by asking them to submit their setups to highlight the best!

23. Record a First Impressions Video

This content idea is perfect for gaming YouTubers with early access codes to games that are yet to be released. Everyone likes to see something new and unique, and that is what they get with these kinds of videos!

24. Discuss Video Game Predictions

Brainstorming and theory crafting are excellent ways to engage a gaming audience, especially when it comes to their favorite titles. Giving your thoughts on what the next patch will bring or what the sequel to the game will contain is guaranteed to pique people’s interest!

Educational Content

25. Create a Tutorial Video

Tutorial videos are some of the most popular content types on the platform because they are a practical way for people to get an answer to their question or learn something. So if you have a particular skill, why not consider using it by making tutorial videos?

26. Show How to Cook a Dish

There are so many cooking fans out there who are just dying for a killer new recipe! And let’s be real — most of us love to eat, but comparably few are apt at cooking. So having a cooking lesson online at a press of a button will undoubtedly garner traffic!

27. Discuss Your Hobby/Career

If you are passionate about a particular hobby or your job, why not share your thoughts, knowledge, and enthusiasm with others? You know what they say — enthusiasm is contagious!

28. Talk About History

If you’re a walking encyclopedia of historical dates and events, why not cash in on your love for history by making videos about it? Just ensure to give your content an entertaining twist so that people don’t feel like they’re just at another dull high-school history lesson!

29. Make an Educational Infographic on a Topic You Love

Video infographics are a fantastic medium for storytelling, so why not use them to put a twist on your content? The best part about this YouTube content idea is that you’ll be able to create videos on any topic you enjoy.

30. Explainer Video

This content is incredibly popular since 96% of people look up an explainer video before buying a product. So why not help them out by making videos that showcase and illustrate how to use particular products you like? 

31. Explore Philosophy

If you’re a critical thinker and an avid fan of Ancient philosophers, now you have the medium to further explore your passion! Although finding a job with a degree in philosophy can be challenging in the real world, it’s quite a different story on YouTube.

32. Showcase a Magic Trick

Everyone loves magic! If you think you don’t, you’re just lying to yourself. That is why performing or teaching magic on YouTube has always been incredibly popular. If you’ve always dreamt of becoming a magician, you can now pursue your dream on YouTube!

33. Discuss Current News

The most significant advantage of this content idea is that you will never run out of material because news changes daily. However, the competition is pretty high for this type of content, so you might have to include a twist to get noticed.

34. Make Movie/TV Show Reviews

Similar to video game reviews, giving thorough analyses of movies and TV shows is a safe bet when looking to grow on YouTube. Also, because everyone enjoys watching films and TV, you will have a vast potential audience. All you will need to do is upload regularly, and views are bound to follow!

35. Bust Some Myths

If you know anything about popular culture, you know the sheer popularity of the show MythBusters. So why not follow in their footsteps since that content is so popular? Stick to a more narrow niche you’re familiar with, and you’re sure to gain a following.

36. Give Job Interview Tips

What a way to combine practical and educational, right? We all know how frightening job interviews can be, so if you have a career in HR or extensive experience interviewing people, sharing your wisdom would make for some high-quality content!

Technology Content

37. Discuss the Specs of Different Gadgets

Tech geeks are sure to love product specs videos! So if you enjoy talking about various gadgets and are on the lookout for even the tiniest improvement to come out on the market, this YouTube content idea will be perfect for you!

38. Showcase Your Favorite Devices

If you have multiple computers, a laptop, several tablets, and a dozen phones, you are the perfect person to make these kinds of videos. All tech whizzes will love this content!

39. Teach Tech History

YouTube is the perfect place to put all your tech history knowledge to good use. Pick some particularly exciting topics, spice them up a bit, and you’ve got some killer content!

40. Talk About Latest Tech Rumors

If you are one of those who buy the latest iPhone or gaming console the moment they come out, don’t worry; you’re not alone! And there are many people on YouTube willing to watch you speculate and talk about your favorite upcoming devices. So why not share your passion?

41. Do a Performance Review of Your PC

This content idea is incredibly easy to implement because all you need for it is right there on your desk!

42. Showcase Your Favorite Apps

All fans of mobile phones and tablets will love learning about various new apps they can try! And as a tech whizz that you are, you undoubtedly have some fantastic suggestions.

43. Product Videos

Reviewing and rating various tech gear is incredibly popular on YouTube, so why not jump on the bandwagon and do some product reviews? The best part is that you can focus on any type of gadget you prefer! Cameras, amplifiers, microwaves… the world is your oyster.

44. Test a New Operating System

All fans of computer technology adore experiments, so why not try something out like testing some operating systems on camera? You never know — you might even learn something new yourself!

45. Make a Custom PC

If there’s anything tech enthusiasts like more than their gadgets, it’s their home PCs. Making yourself a custom PC on video is an excellent way to give your audience some educational and entertaining content while doing something practical that was (likely) long overdue.

46. Explain Various Tech Concepts

If you have the knack for teaching, why not educate your less-informed viewers about various tech concepts close to your heart. There is always a high demand for quality educational content, so this content idea might give your channel a significant boost!

Beauty & Fashion Content

47. Share the Product of Your Shopping Spree

We all know just how much fashion aficionados love shopping, so why not share your adventures from the mall with your viewers? It’s bound to be a unique and entertaining experience!

48. Do a Makeup Tutorial

Makeup tutorials are incredibly popular in the beauty industry, so this content idea is a surefire way to success! The best part is that you don’t have to do anything extra that differs from your daily routine. All you have to do is showcase your methods and give a few tips here and there!

49. Review Various Beauty Products

All who care about their skin’s health know how vital it is to pick only the tried-and-tested products. So why not help your viewers find the perfect skin-care cream or shampoo? Trust us — they will appreciate it!

50. Give Fashion Advice

You don’t have to be a fashion guru or a world-class fashion designer to be able to give advice. There are many different styles out there, so nothing prevents you from recording a few tips for the occasional viewer who appreciates your style.

51. Show Off Some DIY Clothing

This YouTube content idea is particularly useful for people looking to make a name for themselves in the fashion design world. If you make clothes, showcase them on YouTube! There is no better way of getting eyes on your work and growing an audience than on this video platform.

52. Illustrate Your Beauty Routine

Do your viewers always admire your beauty? Why not show them how you keep your skin wrinkle-free and the secret behind those seductive eyelashes? It takes nothing more than just recording your daily beauty routine, but it will make for some killer content!

53. Do a Closet Tour

It does help if your closet is bigger than an average apartment, but it doesn’t have to be! We’re positive many of your viewers are curious to know what other fabulously stylish pieces of clothing you’ve got hidden in there. So why not indulge them?

54. Showcase Your Shoe Collection

This idea is more likely to apply to ladies out there, but you never know! If you have a rich collection of footwear, showing it to your viewers could make for an exciting video idea, right?

Music Content

55. Make a Music Video

Music videos are incredibly fun to put together and can be real view magnets! After all, why would all the music artists out there even bother making so many of them? 

56. Make a Guest Appearance

Collaborating with fellow content creators is incredibly fun for both parties and your audience! You will offer them an entirely new take on your music by combining your style with that of your host. Either way, these videos always perform better than solo tracks!

57. Do a Jam Session

Getting together with another music YouTuber and just casually jamming out can be both relaxing and entertaining. So if you’re ever in need of rest and are looking for an easy-to-make video, why not try this idea?

58. Create a Free Music Lesson

We’re sure all of us dream of becoming rock or pop stars, but very few of us can sing or play an instrument. So a free music lesson is always welcome (and appreciated) for all of us unaccomplished souls.

59. Review Music Gear

Just as much as tech junkies love their phones and tablets, so do musicians their instruments and music gear. So if you know your audience consists of musical aficionados, doing some gear reviews is always an excellent choice.

60. Do a Lip-Sync Battle

Lip-sync battles are an incredible way to entertain both you and your viewers. They call for creator collaboration and are incredibly goofy and fun!

61. Do a Music Video Reaction

Did you ever wonder how your grandparents would react to the music you listen to? Why not find out on camera? Various reaction videos to music have been incredibly popular on YouTube for years now, and with the number of new and unique artists popping up daily, they’re not going anywhere!

62. Do a Shred War

If you’re a guitarist, this YouTube content idea is for you! Is there a better way to assert dominance over other creators than by beating them in a shred-off?

63. Make a Karaoke Video

The best part about karaoke videos is that you don’t even have to know how to sing! The entire point of them is to have a fantastic time. If you do, your viewers will too!

64. Film a Music Parody

Are you a musician who can’t take anything seriously (even themselves)? You’re in luck — parody music videos are perfect for you! Not only will your audience adore this type of content, but you’ll also be able to be your goofy self through it all.

Are You Inspired Yet?

Did these 64 YouTube content ideas help inspire you? We sure hope so!

We hope this article helped you overcome your creator’s block and that you’ll be back to making videos in no time. If you enjoyed this article and are interested in more YouTube-related content, may we suggest checking our articles on the worst YouTube trends that plague the platform and the best alternatives to YouTube monetization? We’re sure you’ll enjoy them!

Until next time!