Personalized Video — How and Why Brands Should Use It
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Personalized Video Ads: Best Way to Boost Your Campaign’s Engagement


Videos have been dominating the online landscape in recent years, and there are no signs of that changing any time soon. Quite the contrary — many predict that videos will only get more popular in the future. According to Cisco, video content will make up 82% of all online traffic by 2022! So what kind of conclusion can we draw from that? Everyone loves video, of course!

That is why video content has become an invaluable asset in the digital marketing world. Nowadays, 85% of marketers utilize videos in their marketing campaigns, and the vast majority stated they had achieved excellent ROI with them. That should come as no surprise considering the ever-growing role of videos on the consumer decision-making process. According to HubSpot, around 50% of internet users consult a product video before making a purchase. That’s a huge number indeed, and that is just the tip of the iceberg!

But in that vast sea of video content, one particular type of video has been outperforming all others in the marketing world. Yes, we’re talking about personalized video ads! But what is so special about them? How can personalized video content help you increase your sales? What types of personalized videos are there? That, among other things, is what we’re going to find out!

But first, let’s start from the basics.

What Is Personalized Video?

Personalized videos are video content adapted to each customer by featuring one or more personalized elements. There are many common forms of personalization, such as including the following in your content:

  • Viewers’ full names
  • Dates of birth
  • Location
  • Job titles
  • Companies

However, personalization can take plenty of other shapes too, such as including content relating to users’ interests or problems they’re looking to solve. This type of consumer targeting is almost essential to video advertising nowadays as it improves user experience significantly by offering better value. That is why such videos are more likely to end in a conversion than non-targeted ones.

So what are the goals of personalized videos? By employing a personalized video marketing strategy, you can make your customers feel as if the content was created for or explicitly catered to them. That helps you build trust with your consumers by playing on peoples’ innate need to be recognized. We believe this quote perfectly illustrates that point:

“Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”

Dale Carnegie

By including personalized elements such as your customers’ names in your videos, you’ll ensure your brand’s message resonates better with your audience.

Why Use Personalized Video?

There are many tangible benefits to creating personalized video content, so let’s take a look at some of the most notable ones. Video personalization can help you:

  • Achieve higher clickthrough rates
  • Increase engagement
  • Drive sales
  • Build trust and relationship with your consumers
  • Increase email open rates
  • Enhance brand loyalty
  • Gain better insight into your consumers’ needs

And that is not just our opinion — 92% of marketers have already begun using personalization and have found plenty of success with it. According to the same study, 74% of marketers found that personalization had a strong or massive impact on their campaigns.

But what would be the point of personalized campaigns if users didn’t love them? That’s right — they’d be fruitless. Luckily, consumers love personalization! In fact, according to Salesforce, 58% of them would be willing to trade extra information for more customization.

As you can see, making personalized videos is guaranteed to boost your marketing campaigns. Not only that, but it’s an excellent opportunity to wow your customers!

Where Can You Use Personalized Video?

an image illustrating a website, customer service, email and sales

Now that we’ve illustrated how personalized video content can help your brand increase customer engagement and build consumer trust, let’s take a look at where you can use personalized videos.


By incorporating personalized videos on your product or landing page, you can increase your conversion rates. If your focus is inbound marketing, you can gather user data by gating your video to collect it. That way, you can personalize the videos for every following time the users visit your site. A marketing automation system can recognize returning customers by using their email address and website cookies.

Customer Service

Personalized videos can enhance the quality of your customer service significantly. The best way to utilize them for this purpose is by making onboarding welcome videos for your new users. That way, you can kill two birds with one stone — you can make the newcomers feel special and introduce them to your services. Aside from that, you could use personalized video content for product reveals, renewal reminders, and even holiday or birthday videos!


Personalized videos have proven as a particularly effective tool for email marketers. Giving personalized video email marketing a shot can offer excellent ROI if executed adequately.

You can use personalized videos to complement your email campaigns in many ways. Their most notable benefit is that they increase email engagement. A case study by Vidyard is a testament to that. It found that emails with personalized videos had 49% higher open rates. But what types of emails can you send? There are plenty of options — nurture emails, holiday videos, product, and company announcements — you name it!


There are plenty of ways to use videos to boost sales, including most of the personalized examples above. However, let’s list a few more ideas:

  • Utilize them in your ABM campaigns
  • Make welcome videos for newly registered users
  • Collect feedback and video testimonials from your customers
  • Show your appreciation for your customers
  • Make product explainer videos and promote it to consumers looking to inform themselves on your product

Overall, by combining the power of video and personalization, many marketers have seen a 19% increase in conversion rates. So why miss out on such an opportunity?

Examples of Personalized Videos

There are too many different types of personalized videos to showcase them all in this article, but we’ll give you a few notable examples.

Marketing / Promotional

These types of personalized videos should be self-explanatory. Their primary purpose is to promote a product or service and are a much more creative way to advertise than regular video ad formats. For example, take a look at this promotional video for a travel agency.

As you can see, there are many personalized elements, such as the names of the viewers, their wedding anniversary, travel destination and date, etc. Overall, the entire ad makes the potential customer feel valued — as if they were in the center of attention. That is precisely what makes personalized video ads so effective.

Holiday Wishes

Is there a better feeling than waking up on Christmas Day and seeing a personalized holiday video from your favorite brand? Well… there probably is, but you get the point!

Showing your consumers that you care during the holiday season is an excellent way of building brand loyalty, and personalized videos are perfect for that! Take a look at this example by Rip Media Group

Cherish that holiday spirit by sharing the joy with your customers!

A Thank-You Note

We realize that promotion is crucial for the growth of any business. However, we should all take a moment to reflect on how we got to where we are from time to time. A personalized thank-you note to show your appreciation for the trust and support your customers gave you throughout the years can sometimes be worth more than a million-dollar marketing campaign. Humanitarian organizations are businesses that utilize these types of personalized videos the most. Take a look at the following heart-warming example.

These videos offer positive emotional reinforcement for the viewer, which will make them more likely to return to contribute once again. 

Call to Action

Unless you’re a complete newbie to the marketing world, you know the importance of a call to action. Video CTAs entice viewers to make a purchase or engage with your brand, and they are a staple of any effective marketing material. But what happens when you combine a personalized video and a compelling call to action? Well, you get 42% higher conversion rates, that’s what! Take a look at this fantastic example of a potent personalized video by Barclays.

The video clearly outlines how the company can help the viewer, and it also engages the observers’ imagination by strategically placing their names in crucial places in the ad. That facilitates the consumers’ decision-making process by making it easier for them to visualize themselves owning a house or a car.

Don’t Miss Out on Leveraging the Power of Personalized Videos!

Now that you know how personalized videos can help your business build brand authority, increase brand awareness, and drive sales, it should be clear how much you’d be missing out on by not using them! So whether you’re a marketer or an independent publisher looking to engage their consumers or generate leads, now would be the perfect moment to begin your video content marketing journey.

And if you need a reliable HTML5 video player to help distribute your video ads, we at Brid.TV can help you! Our white-label video platform, CMS, and monetization solution can help you host, organize, and monetize your videos! Our platform also offers plenty of video advertising features with access to some of the most advanced advertising technology the industry has to offer.

If any of the above sounds appealing to you, we’ve got you covered! Send us an email, and our team of experts will get back to you promptly!