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February 14, 2020
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March 9, 2020

Going Beyond the Limits With the Brid.TV Carousel

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When you’re looking to expand your business, it’s usually tough to discern what the right move is. Lately, publishers are concerned about keeping up with the industry’s demands and heavy competition and are struggling to retain audiences. We recognize the importance of these factors and find it crucial not to lose sight of them. The digital market is indeed evolving at a frantic pace. Now, things will likely get even more challenging for publishers in the coming years. Luckily, the technology we’ve created is capable of handling these changes. Think of this latest addition to Brid.TV as the perfect video content management solution for the future!  

Going Beyond Content Management Solutions 

At this point, you’re probably wondering how you’re going to handle the year ahead. The answer to that poser is simple — step-by-step. One of the essential solutions we’ve developed in 2020 is already proving to be a precious tool for small businesses and enterprises alike. 

The Brid.TV Carousel exists to ensure that developers and site owners can use our platform even without any video content on their websites. How is that possible? Let’s find out. 

How Does the Brid.TV Carousel Work?

If you’re using an HTML5 video player to monetize videos, you’re most likely well acquainted with our video management system. Publishers with video content can monetize with ease. In contrast, if you lack any video content but still wish to monetize your website’s traffic, you might feel like you’re at a loss. Luckily, with the Brid.TV Carousel as a content management solution alternative, you don’t have to! You can use our system to monetize content even if you don’t have any videos on your website!

Primary Features of the Carousel Unit

  1. Easily use Brid.TV Carousel to add multiple URLs and find the right featured image for one particular URL. 
  2. Add up to five images to a single unit.
  3. It’s up to the publisher to set the exact time of the transition between the slides.  

Optional, But Awesome Benefits 

A range of benefits comes with this particular tech, and it’s up to you to find the combo that’s ideal for your business. Check it out: 

  1. Activate Video Player Controls
    One of the handy benefits of the Carousel feature is the variety of optimization options as a video content solution. For instance, Carousel can include Brid.TV’s video player controls if needed. 
  2. Tracking Parameters
    Publishers can track and analyze everything they do with the Brid.TV Carousel. Remember — each image is clickable, so once you incorporate the Carousel unit, you can add additional parameters to track all interactions within the unit. This terrific addition will undoubtedly help you determine if your content is getting any traction. 
  3. Fetch Images From RSS Feed
    Another useful option is to connect the Carousel unit with your website’s RSS feed (the unit pings every 2–3 hours, constantly refreshing itself with new articles and images). 
  4. Customizable Read More Button
  5. Append Clickthrough Parameters

Of course, Brid.TV offers numerous other solutions besides the Brid.TV Carousel. Our dedicated experts are constantly available to help publishers monetize their sites, thanks to our extensive Player API Support. Aside from the Carousel unit, there are many other monetization options available like Outstream Ad Units to help publishers level-up their monetization strategies.

UPDATE: 12.03.2020 – We did a little update to our carousel unit, so you can now customize it even more. Customize the “Read more” button and append parameters to clickthrough links. Learn more about these additions in the documentation here — As always, get in touch if you have any issues and need our support!