Comprehensive JavaScript API for All of Your Developer Needs

Player API Reference

We offer highly detailed info on everything you need on the developer side. Here you will find all the necessary documentation needed to create a variety of player integrations. Note: basic knowledge of JavaScript is required before you can start using this section.


Player Events

Catch certain player events via JS like play, pause, ad impression, etc. Implement your own custom code depending on these events.

Player Methods

Control player functionality using the player’s JS API method system. Programmatically control functions like play, pause, load playlist, set ad, etc.

Player Config Parameters

The BridTV Player has extensive support for custom configuration parameters through the embed code. With these you can easily customize your player with minimal front-end knowledge.

Code Examples

Browse our rich code repository with various examples of different player implementations. The repository is constantly evolving with new examples, so check back often.



Browse our basic code repository and get an idea of how to do some basic custom implementations with our BridTV Player.


For all the power users out there, browse our advanced code repository and learn how to do complex player implementations and configurations.

Prebid Integration Guides

Get into our detailed guide for your very own implementation with Brid player. Simple, effective and fast.


Player + Page Prebid Implementation

For implementations where Prebid is already located on-page, just provide the player a unique identifier and you’ve completed your video header bidding setup.

Full Player Bidding

Implement full video player bidding inside the player without any code needed on your pages. The entire setup is containerized inside the player, minimizing hassle on your end.

External Config Implementation

For implementations where you want to have control over every section of Prebid, BridTV gives you this freedom to configure your Prebid wrapper to your liking.

Brid React Component

Discover more about BridTV ReactJS Integration.