This Is Why Video Is the Future of Content Marketing
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Why Video Is Content of the Future for Marketers

why video is the future of content marketing

With the gradual shift of traditional media toward the online realm, marketers worldwide had to adapt to the sudden change in the market. That evolution led to the growth of content marketing. However, not all content marketing formats are born equal. Videos, in particular, stand out among the crowd. Some even call videos the future of content marketing. But is that true? 

We dare to say yes! Videos are indeed superior to most other types of online content for many reasons. That is why we decided to highlight their most notable benefits and show you why you’d be remiss not to use them in your next marketing campaign. Let’s take an in-depth look into why video is the future of content marketing! 

7 Reasons Videos Will Dominate the Digital Marketing Landscape for Years to Come

With more and more brands giving videos a shot, it’s becoming evident that videos are beginning to play an important role in content marketing. But we don’t expect you to take our word for it; here are seven reasons videos can be an excellent addition to your marketing efforts:

Videos Are the King of Online Content

As you could have probably imagined, videos are incredibly beloved by users worldwide. But how popular are they exactly? Perhaps more than you might think!

According to Oberlo, 85% of internet users view at least a single video monthly in the U.S. alone. And when it comes to marketing, 55% of users wish to consume more video content from brands, according to the same data.

If the above wasn’t enough to convince you of the dominance videos have over the web, let’s take a look at the most well-known example of YouTube. This video-sharing platform has grown so much since its infancy that it is now the second-most popular social platform and is home to over two billion active users. The platform even created an entire ecosystem where video content creators can earn a living from their passion, with many YouTubers even accruing dozens of millions of subscribers.

But YouTube wasn’t only a game-changer for independent content creators — many marketers worldwide found incredible success on the platform. Whether you’re looking to advertise your products or drive consumer engagement, videos and platforms such as YouTube can help.

If you’re still skeptical, that’s understandable. Marketing is a volatile industry, so everything comes at a risk, even giving video content a shot. But trust us — it will be worth it. Did you ever wonder how marketers value videos? Take a look at this chart:

a chart of the most popular content marketing formats

That’s right — they are undoubtedly the king of content, even for marketers. So remember that the next time you decide to launch a marketing campaign!

Video Content Is Highly Versatile

Aside from their overwhelming popularity, videos are incredibly versatile. That is why they are likely the future of content marketing!

But what do we mean by that? For starters, different styles of videos can suit various marketing purposes. That means it’s easy to adjust them to your specific business needs and use them in multiple parts of your marketing endeavors. Here are some examples of just how versatile and useful videos can be for marketers:

  • Content RepurposingRepurposing existing written content into videos is an excellent way to get the creme of the crop of your content to a broader demographic. By turning your blog posts into videos, you can cater to a different type of audience. While some consumers are OK with reading an article, others would never bother doing it but would gladly view a video.
  • Email Marketing — If you feel like your email campaigns have been underperforming, why not incorporate a video? Including a video in your outreach emails can significantly boost your email engagement rates.
  • Customer Support — Did you know that 43% of video marketers reported that using videos reduced the number of support inquiries they received? That’s right — so don’t hesitate to use this to your advantage!
  • Personalized Videos — Consumers want to feel valued, and videos can help with that! Video content offers an excellent opportunity to humanize your brand. You can achieve that by using personalized videos in your next marketing strategy — you can send your trusty users a holiday greetings video or even a targeted video ad. Either way, they will appreciate it much more than any of the conventional marketing methods.

With such immense versatility that videos offer, your brand would be at a huge loss not to use them. 

Video Can Boost Your Site’s SEO

Did you know that 87% of video marketers stated that using videos has boosted their website’s traffic? That’s right! And that’s not the end of the SEO benefits videos bring!

Including videos on your landing page, for example, can help you increase your site’s dwell time and reduce bounce rate. These factors are indirect indicators to Google that users find your content engaging and enjoy spending time on your website. That can boost your SEO efforts in the long run.

Another benefit of including videos on your brand’s site is that you will gain more opportunities to rank on featured snippets. But that’s not all — Google loves videos so much that it often ranks them higher on SERPs than written content.

With all of that in mind, it shouldn’t be surprising that so many marketers look toward videos as the future of content marketing, especially since they can prove an excellent boost to your site’s SEO; all the more reason to start recording!

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Videos Are Excellent for Building Brand Awareness

All marketing efforts have to start at the first stage of the marketing funnel — building awareness. Videos are the perfect tool to do just that!

Here are some of the reasons employing video content is one of the highly lucrative strategies for building brand awareness:

  • Videos are incredibly engaging.
  • They are much more noticeable than regular content and ads.
  • Videos offer incredible storytelling opportunities.
  • They resonate with the consumer.

Nowadays, it’s more vital than ever to entertain your customers and stand out from the crowd, and video content can help you. So if you’re unsure how to proceed with your awareness-oriented marketing campaign, shooting some videos is an excellent place to start!

Video Can Help Drive Conversions

Believe it or not, utilizing the power of video in your sales process can significantly benefit your brand! “How?” you may ask. There are multiple ways videos can help you drive conversions:

  • Spice up your sales pitches — Creating a video sales pitch can be an incredible way of increasing your conversions. Spicing up sales pitches using video makes them more personal and introduces that well-needed element of humanization to your sales efforts that regular pitches usually lack.
  • Include a product video on your landing page — Did you know that using videos on your landing page can skyrocket your conversions? That’s right; some brands have even reached around 11% conversion rate using this method!
  • Videos can serve as an excellent funnel to your site’s landing page — Including an actionable video CTA and a link to your product landing page can earn you plenty of traffic and conversions.

So if you’re looking to generate leads and drive conversions, videos can give you a helping hand! 

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Videos Have Massive Social Reach

people smiling and looking at their phones and tablets

If you thought video content was only thriving on YouTube, you were gravely mistaken! Videos have been gaining a ton of prominence on other social networks as well. Did you know that video is the second-most used content type on social platforms to drive engagement? That is right. And that doesn’t apply solely to social video platforms like TikTok.

Video content marketing is flourishing on all social media platforms that support the medium, ranging from Facebook and LinkedIn to Twitter. Even Instagram has taken steps toward including videos on its platform in the form of Instagram boomerang and IGTV.

According to Biteable, social media video posts get 48% more views on average than those without, which just serves to show how favored they are even on social networks. If you ask us, you’d be better off adapting to the future of content marketing and start making videos sooner rather than later!

Videos Have Incredible Viral Potential

Do you remember the last viral Facebook post or photo? Perhaps. But can you recall the latest viral online commercial? For sure!

Video has the incredible power of captivating an audience, which makes it a medium with massive viral potential. We’ve all seen our fair share of viral marketing videos throughout the years, such as commercials by Old Spice, Dollar Shave Club, Will It Blend, and many more. We’ve probably even watched them over and over again due to their sheer ingenuity!

But the best part about it is that anyone can make a viral video. All it takes is some creativity, humor, and luck. After all, a single viral video can single-handedly propel your brand to stardom!

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Are Videos Really the Future of Content Marketing?

By taking into account everything we’ve mentioned above, we stand firmly by our initial statement. Yes, videos are truly the future of content marketing! They are beloved by audiences and marketers worldwide, offer tangible SEO benefits, are incredibly versatile, have a massive social reach, and help your brand in different parts of the marketing funnel. We don’t see a reason not to switch up your marketing game and give videos a shot!

And don’t worry; if you’re unsure how to get started, let us recommend some additional resources you might find useful on your journey. If you’re looking to get started with video content creation, may we suggest you check our articles on making the best video studio setup for all budgets and creating accessible videos suitable for everyone? We’re sure you’ll find them helpful!

Until next time!