Video Analytics: How They Help You Grow Your Business
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Video Analytics: How They Help You Expand Your Business

Every day, users visit Facebook and watch more than 100 million hours of video content. The figure is whopping on another popular social network as well. Namely, Snapchat users all over the world watch 10 million videos per day. So, it’s obvious that people from all walks of life favor this content type which also shows just how important videos are for your business. But, you can’t make them without relying on video analytics to inform your marketing strategy.

In this day and age, data is everything. Growing your business without having proper understanding of how your videos are performing is simply impossible. This is why you need access to reliable and real statistics that serve as a basis for your business growth. With these statistics, you can cater to your customers’ needs and ensure you’re serving what they want to see.

By 2021, Cisco predicts that the number of Internet video users will amount to 1.9 billion. Not only that, but also Internet video minutes will reach three trillion by the same year. This dramatic increase in video traffic proves that brands need analytics engines now more than ever before.

But how do you use these analytics to improve your video marketing? We will tackle this question in the article.

Let’s start!

What Are Video Marketing Analytics?

Video marketing analytics provide publishers with the data they need to stop making wild guesses and reach informed decisions that are based on hard facts. As video marketing becomes the hottest buzzword in the industry, it’s crucial to find the time to go over all available data to see what is and isn’t working in your campaign. With this information, publishers can adjust their marketing campaigns, making them more suitable for their target audiences.

Thus, paying attention to video analytics can help you make informative, engaging, and entertaining content. It’s not enough to just post videos and hope for the best; you have to create them based on the available data. In the end, you will find success in the marketing world by understanding how and why your viewers are interacting with your content.

With the development in technology, marketers don’t need to keep track of these useful information by themselves. Specifically, certain online video platforms offer analytics engines that do this hard work instead of the publishers. So, don’t fail to use them to your advantage and start measuring the performance of your videos.

But how do these video statistics help you grow your business? Let’s find out.

Video Analytics: Ways in Which They Help

Nowadays, most people acknowledge that statistics take center stage in the decision making process. This is particularly true for the publishing and advertising world, since this technology provides insight into where, when, how, and why customers consume their selected content. And, by all accounts, their favorite marketing medium is video. Indeed, video is so effective that it attracts 55% of people to watch it every day.

Therefore, it’s no wonder that major social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, provide so much space to videos. After all, reading is gradually going out of style. Thus, posting huge chunks of text on these networks to promote your business would be a grave mistake. A successful brand is the one that listens to its consumers and acknowledges their needs.

One way to give customers what they want is by measuring and analyzing data. Whether you publish an image or an explainer video, data analysis actually defines the success of your company. As a video platform provider, Brid.TV is aware that businesses start thriving once they leverage the power of video analytics. That’s why we offer publishers a powerful in-house analytics engine that helps them find success in the competitive online world.

Let’s see how video analytics lend a helping hand to aspiring and veteran marketers and publishers around the world.

Shape Your Content Strategy

Every successful marketer devises their content strategy based on one principle. They don’t make videos that are unpopular and perform poorly with their consumers. Instead, they examine analytics and determine what type of videos resonate the best among viewers. For some, product reviews are a golden ticket to success in the advertising world. Others find that customers react best to explainer videos, driving more traffic to their websites and generating new leads.

But they are able to make these assumptions with the help of a nifty software that examines the performance of their videos. This software tells them the view count, engagement, play rate, and more. In particular, information on the number of views and customer drop-off helps marketers decide what content to post.

If a good percentage of your viewers watch the content until the very end, you know that you are creating the content they want to see. If the average completion rate is low, you have proof that it’s time to change your approach. So, information you get from the analytics engine can influence just about anything — from video length to topics you will cover. And the most sophisticated engine can also help you calculate return on investment of every piece of content you publish.

Tell You Which Devices Matter

Technology has advanced so much that we don’t need to be chained to our computers to get the latest news or find a viral video. We can now search for all of this using our mobile phones or tablets. And, with people being constantly on the go today, they usually resort to these devices to surf the web. In fact, they are 1.5 times more likely to watch a video on their smartphones.

So, knowing how your audience is watching your videos is crucial. The state-of-the-art video analytics breaks down data by platform and informs you which devices are mostly used by your customers. This can greatly influence your content. Namely, experts say that mobile users are fans of short content. On the other hand, those using computers don’t mind watching longer videos. And if most of your videos are played on Android devices, then you might want to launch a branded app.

See? Video analytics can indeed help you make informed choices. When your audience feels seen and heard, you can increase brand awareness and build trust. You can even get more shares of your videos, as 92% of users watching them on mobile phones will share it with their friends.

Offer Geographic Data

With geographic data, you can up your game even more! It’s important that you know where your customers are watching your content. In this way, you’ll have a chance to focus on those locations where your video campaigns are most successful and effective.

In the future, you can even plan to add subtitles to your videos based on the information you get from your analytics engine. As you might see, this will endear you to your consumers who will appreciate your effort.

Also, you can even think about pursuing new markets if your audience comes from those countries where you don’t operate. Say that you want to tap into the USA market. If you see that you have a following in this country, then it’s time to expand! Of course, before expanding, analyze the new market. In this way, you will understand consumer behavior, viewing habits, content preferences, and more.

So, these are the top three ways video analytics can help you grow your business. Everything we’ve mentioned suggests that companies find success if they closely examine their target audience. Thus, if you ever feel stuck and don’t know how to improve your marketing strategy, you know what to do. Find a reliable video platform that offers a powerful analytics engine. Luckily, we have just the right video platform for you — Brid.TV.

Brid.TV’s Powerful Video Analytics

Our in-house analytics engine is just what you need to improve your content strategy. It helps you maximize the effectiveness of your videos and find success in the marketing world. With Brid.TV’s video analytics, you can keep track of everything. Want to see how your users are engaging with your videos? No problem — we offer viewer engagement monitoring. Apart from engagement data, you’ll also find general video metrics, including video plays and unique views. All of this will assist you in shaping your content strategy.

What’s more, we know that nowadays customers use different devices to watch videos. And, as a publisher, you must be aware whether they watch them on smartphones or computers. As we’ve mentioned, this can help you create content that appeals to these two types of users. With our browser device insights, get detailed information on device-based traffic and start making new content.

While you are at it, don’t stop there! Make use of our GEO feature to target specific parts of the world. We offer location-based straightforward traffic data to our publishers. As you’ll see, this feature gives you a chance to pay closer attention to those locations where your videos are performing best.

So, start your success journey with Brid.TV today! If you require any additional information, our helpful team is at your disposal. Send us an email or find us on social media if you have any questions.