TikTok Alternatives: Get Your Groove On With These Apps
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TikTok Alternatives: Continue Dancing on These Apps

TikTok Alternatives

The past week has been an emotional roller-coaster ride for many American TikTok fans. The future of their favorite video-sharing app is uncertain following talks of an impending ban. Then, there was some silver lining when Microsoft announced plans to acquire TikTok in the USA. However, the deal might not materialize in the end if President Trump doesn’t find terms agreeable. So, it’s safe to say the past week has been something out of a prime time drama TV series with TikTok alternatives having the leading role.

Indeed, a cloud of uncertainty looms over TikTok’s US arm. As a result, the app’s influencers and creators have started to contemplate their options. Many of them owe their careers to this social media platform and its 800 million active users. And, if they want to continue earning, they need to find some TikTok alternatives… just in case.

This mad dash to find a new app shows that TikTok’s ban might turn the social media landscape upside down. Major tech companies like Facebook, which has borrowed certain features from TikTok, might further expand their reach. For Facebook, the timing is impeccable. Namely, Instagram plans to roll out Reels, described as a TikTok clone, in the USA and 50 other countries. Perhaps this will be a safe haven for TikTok influencers.

We will soon see if this TV series will have a happy or sad ending. While we’re waiting for the season finale of this series, let’s see which TikTok alternatives you can have up your sleeves in case the Chinese app gets banned.


Available on: Google Play, App Store

Price: Free

Byte is the brainchild of the team behind the now-defunct Vine app, which started the short-form video fever.  It is one of the newer TikTok alternatives, but it’s already making a splash in the online world. Ever since the potential ban of TikTok was announced, Byte shot to second place on Apple’s App Store.

Furthermore, Byte is a platform that allows you to create and share six-second looping videos. The social networking platform also has its community forum where creators and users get together to share ideas, post reviews, and promote themselves. It seems that Byte listens to what they have to say as the app is rapidly improving. The team frequently updates the app and adds new features, including audio control, sharing options, and pausing Bytes.

Clash App

Available on: App Store

Price: Free

It seems that the time has come for TikTok alternatives to have their moment to shine. The latest example is a video app called Clash, which became available for iPhone users last week. The platform lets users record and share videos to a community known as “Clashers.” Every video clip can be 21-seconds long and feature different filters and effects.

Moreover, Clash users can discover new creators on the feed that is regularly updated with the best uploads. What sets Clash aside from other TikTok alternatives is the fact that it was created by an influencer. Namely, former Viner Brendon McNerney created the app, looking to provide a new platform for struggling influencers.

Basically, Clash was developed by creators for creators. That’s why it offers incentives for creators to sign up and pick Clash as their go-to short videos app.


Available on: Google Play, App Store

Price: Free

Our next TikTok alternative invites you to create music videos and start dancing. Dubsmash saw the light of day around five years ago, quickly amassing million downloads. The app allows users to create videos directly on the platform or upload existing ones from their gallery. During the editing process, they have a range of filters available to take the videos to the next level. Namely, Dubsmash lets you add filters, stickers, or text to the video before publishing it.

Additionally, the videos can be 10-seconds long. Dubsmash is now regaining its popularity because of its innovative features. Specifically, creators can invent new dances, pull faces, and lip-synch lines from songs or movies. On top of that, there’s an option for custom dub recording. If you don’t want to create short videos, you can always explore the feed and find interesting clips.


Available on: Google Play, App Store

Price: Free

Our list of TikTok alternatives wouldn’t be complete without Instagram. This social networking platform is keeping up with the times and allowing video to take center stage on its feed. Of course, this isn’t surprising at all. Around 90% of accounts follow a business on Instagram. And we know that 85% of consumers want to see more videos from their favorite brands. So, Instagram is giving users what they want. Recently, it has also shifted its attention to creators and influencers.

Instagram Stories, Boomerangs, and Instagram IGTV, the app is bursting with video-focused features. Nevertheless, Instagram will also add Reels, which has been inspired by TikTok. This new feature allows users to make fun and engaging videos. After recording their 15-second videos, users have various editing tools at their disposal. They can choose from a library of music, adjust the speed of the clip, and so many other things!

So watch out because Reels is coming your way!


Available on: Google Play, App Store

Price: Free

Triller is a social media and entertainment platform founded in 2015. The app enables anyone to make, edit, and share their own video creations. Triller boasts 12 million downloads, and this number is likely to increase in upcoming weeks. In fact, Forbes reports that Triller has overtaken TikTok and now takes first place on the App Store.

Furthermore, the app is successful because it includes a wide range of songs and video filters in its library. The most popular features are its auto-editing tool and vlogging camera. By choosing to make a vlog, users can create an entire video on the app. But this isn’t where the excitement stops on Triller!

Namely, unlike many other TikTok alternatives, Triller has a “wallet” section where influencers and creators earn “Gold” and “Gems” from their followers. They can exchange these for real cash. So, no wonder Triller is becoming one of the most popular TikTok alternatives!

The TikTok Phenomenon

“Fear of missing out” (FOMO) is one way to describe the power of social media to make people feel like they aren’t a part of something — be it a concert or tour — while everyone else is. In recent years, that “something” has also become a social media network.

Perhaps you saw a photo of your friends on Facebook at a great party and wondered why you weren’t invited. But then, scrolling down your feed, you saw a strange video, watermarked with a TikTok logo, starring an unknown person. Or perhaps you saw multiple ads for TikTok on different websites and social networks, and wondered why you weren’t there. That’s how the majority of people became TikTok users.

The truth is, people don’t want to miss out on anything, including video-sharing apps. And this, in part, has helped TikTok become the force it has in recent years. Let’s see some figures that prove TikTok is the biggest phenomenon of our times:

  • The app has been downloaded over two billion times on Google Play and App Store.
  • Users spend an average 52 minutes per day on the app.
  • TikTok is available in over 150 countries.
  • Over one million video views happen every day.

Our point is — TikTok has proven that social media networks shouldn’t be taken lightly. They have the power to connect the world in times of global pandemic and heartache. As we wait to see the verdict in the US v. TikTok case, we invite you to check out some of the mentioned TikTok alternatives.

TikTok Alternatives: One Will Rule Them All

Fun and dancing don’t need to stop if TikTok gets banned in the USA. As a creator or influencer, you’ll have many other apps at your disposal that can replace TikTok. Just remember to build the hype around the app you choose and to get your followers to join you on it.

All of our TikTok alternatives have effects and filters that will take your creations to the next level. So, search through their libraries, find a suitable song, and start dancing and entertaining! In the meantime, you can also check out our article where we discuss why brands should consider TikTok for promotion.

Best of luck!