Nielsen Analytics Integrated Into BridTV Video Player Plugin
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March 29, 2019
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Video Analytics 101: Optimizing Video Metrics With Nielsen Integration

When it comes to setting up a digital marketing strategy and monetizing your web site’s content, there are a number of aspects to consider. The main objective is to stay focused on video. Video has become the most powerful weapon in today’s business scene. After all, it’s been confirmed recently that 85% of all Internet users in the US watched online video content every month across a variety of devices. Having organic traffic and plenty of video content is one thing. You need a solid system set up in order to analyze your data. Nielsen analytics is a vital ingredient in that sense, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Once you’ve decided on a proper monetization system, the next step is to incorporate a solid HMTL5 video player and video ad solution. These services are constantly available to you with BridTV’s groundbreaking AI-powered technology, which remains the backbone of our entire monetization platform. Of course, like any cutting-edge service and tech solution, upgrades are key, and we can safely say that the latest addition to the BridTV video analytics is one hell of an upgrade.

Video Metrics Upgrade With Nielsen Plugin

One of the most crucial elements to having a successful and effective monetization platform is keeping an eye on relevant data. This means that you need to monitor things like video performance, ad performance, content performance, viewability and so much more. In other words, analytics and publishing tools within one platform, one CMS, one streamline monetization system. This is how you get access to all the relevant data and metrics your web site needs in order to achieve growth. You can have all of that with BridTV analytics, but now you have more.
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For a while now we have been focused on bringing the best and most comprehensive video analytics. However, apart from our detailed analytics, our publishers can now rely on even more options to analyze relevant data with the incorporation of Nielsen metrics. This is where the upgraded BridTV player comes in. Our video player and ad solution now features a specially devised plugin, which allows you to integrate full Nielsen analytics (particularly targeted for Italy GEO) with a single embed code. Simple and efficient.

Nielsen, the global measurement and data analytics company, has been around for over 90 years (operating in over 100 countries), and has now joined the Brid team in order bring you the kind of reliable and accurate metrics you’ll be able to use in order to expand your online business endeavors. Nielsen data can be a truly magnificent leap for your respective business. Their analytics cover media, advertising, retail, and fast-moving consumer goods industries.

Nielsen basically denotes measurements through linear (TV) and dynamic (Web) delivery methods and ad models. Relevant audience data for content is gathered and utilized towards additional monetization improvement and revenue increase. With this system, you’ll also easily be able to pinpoint friction points of relevant media and more.
For any additional information about Nielsen-powered analytics, please feel free to contact us.