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October 31, 2017
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November 7, 2017

Live Stream for Mobile With BridTV

If you’ve been using video to expand and grow your business so far, now might be the best time to take it up a notch and utilize mobile live streaming capabilities for your business. From now on BridTV users can capture and send a live video stream from anywhere, just as long as they have a mobile connection. To kick things off, check out this handy guide, that will take you through all the features and examples for making your own mobile live video streaming app, or simply integrate live-streaming capabilities into your existing mobile app.

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Getting Started With Mobile Live Streaming

Your very first step is to get a live streaming app such as Broadcast Me, which is currently available for iOS, and Android. Of course, it’s also possible to try other apps, as long as they have support for the Wowza streaming engine (which is used by Brid).

On step 2 you will be presented with all the needed data to enter a streaming URL in the Broadcast Me app. Also, bear in mind that the Broadcast Me app requires a single server URL to be entered.

You can structure the information via Brid CMS as follows:

rtmp://{application name}/{stream name}

Then, replace the app name and stream name with the data that the CMS gives you and enter it into the app.

The Power of Mobile Broadcasting

Mobile devices are taking precedence over all other technologies, and now mobile broadcasting has arrived in a big way. Thanks to the live streaming tech that can be utilized via BridTV, mobile live video streaming has never been quicker and easier.

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One of the main benefits is the ability to make multiple renditions in different sizes via live encoding. Simply put, by utilizing BridTV’s tech, multiple renditions are encoded instantly, which allows you to select the preferred video quality depending, of course, on your bandwidth / connection / platform. Bear in mind that, as the bandwidth increases, so does the video quality. Additionally, BridTV includes HLS as well.

Utilizing this particular system is straightforward, and you can find the full details and how-tos here. Videos and events are streamed and recorded automatically. The video then automatically appears in the CMS as a Video-on-Demand (VOD) – Note: only one rendition can be recorded.
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The live stream option is used for streaming live events, which you or your company can broadcast. You may then publish that live stream event through the BridTV player, but a client like Wirecast is required to broadcast it. So, keep in mind that the system encodes your event in real-time, in multiple renditions and formats and streams it through the BridTV content delivery network to assure the best possible quality for your viewers. It has to be said that the service does not support simulcast, for the time being. That particular feature is also for premium users who have a large bandwidth consumption. Another important note is that BridTV does not charge for any streaming server logic or encoding – we charge only for the bandwidth consumed.

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