HTML5 Video Player, Easy and Fast for Video Monetization
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November 27, 2019
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December 17, 2019

Modern-Day HTML5 Video Player: The Overview

html5 video player

For many publishers video already plays a central role in their digital marketing strategy boosting audience engagement and conversion. Growing consumer demand for original video content, particularly among desirable, hard-to-reach audiences, is turning many businesses into video-first publishers willing to spend more than $10 million annually for their brand’s digital and mobile video this year. Being a video-first publisher means that no matter what your priorities are, you’ve already taken your business in the right direction. Having a professionally crafted HTML5 video player is the next step. 

We have seen what the future holds for video advertising and digital marketing trends. Meanwhile, online ad revenue in the US totaled $57.9 billion – with $29.9 billion generated during Q2 2019 and around $28.0 billion in Q1 2019 (according to IAB).  

However, the obvious question to ask when seeking to accomplish their video-first strategy is: what are the must-have features of a bulletproof video player nowadays?

Features and Options of a Modern-day HTML5 Video Player:

  • Desktop, mobile and tablet support
  • Responsive sizing
  • Fully customizable video player
  • Video Ad Support
    • Pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll and overlay
    • Monetization with VAST, VPAID, & Google IMA Ad Tags
    • Support for HTML5 (VPAID 2, 3 and 4) ads
    • Add waterfalling
    • Full VMAP support
    • Support for DFP Ad Rules
  • Social sharing (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, WhatsApp)
  • Supported content sources:
    • Self-hosted video, hosted video, audio, images
    • Adaptive streaming with HLS & MPEG-DASH
    • Live streaming
    • Playlists (video and audio)
  • Hosting and encoding
    • Play self-hosted and/or platform hosted videos
    • Multi-bitrate HD Encoding
  • CMS integration (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla plugin, PHP API)
  • Cross-platform visibility
  • Asynch loading 
  • YouTube syndication
  • Fetch videos from YouTube or Vimeo
  • Import via MRSS feed
  • Support for multiple player instances on the same page
  • Option to mix different media types in the same playlist
  • Fully supported keyboard commands 
  • Theatre mode 
  • Playback options:
    • Random playback
    • Loop playlist
    • Start / end time
    • Multiple playback qualities
    • Load more on demand
  • Show player as lightbox option
  • Media aspect ratio (fit inside)
  • Media end action (next, loop, rewind)
  • Closed captions
  • AMP and Facebook Instant Article support
  • Manageable JavaScript API Methods and Events
  • Mobile SDK integration (Android and iOS)

Free, Native or Enterprise Level Video Player?

It’s not an easy task to single out which of today’s top video players is the best fit for your business. Besides tech features, your budget plays a key role in making the right decision. However, before you decide, don’t forget that an HTML5 video player is only good as the video platform behind it.

Having a technically sound HTML5-ready video player means that you have already started your journey on the road to more engaging customers and quick and easy monetization.