How to Use Instagram Carousel Posts for Your Brand
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July 31, 2020
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How to Use Instagram Carousel to Increase Engagement

With a cloud of uncertainty hanging over TikTok’s future in the USA, all eyes seem to be on Instagram. And the social media platform knows what it’s doing. The wider rollout of Instagram Reels, a new feature that strongly resembles TikTok, is set for early August. This is just during the time when American TikTok influencers don’t know if this video-sharing platform is still going to bring profit to them. Well, we’ll see what the future has in store for them in the upcoming weeks.

For the time being, Instagram is worthy of being explored. The famous app that numbers one billion users boasts so many features that you can spend days trying them out. There are Instagram Stories that allow you to post disappearing content on your business account. Then, you can also share short and engaging video content through Instagram Boomerang.

But that’s not where Instagram’s potential stops. There is another feature that is successful at driving engagement and capturing consumer eyeballs. In this article, we’ll teach you how to use Instagram Carousel and add something new to your business account.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Let’s start exploring Instagram Carousel!

How many times have you swiped left while you’re on Instagram? We presume it’s too many to count. Maybe you’re swiping left to check out a blog post your favorite news outlet has published. Or to watch a new trailer for that TV show you like. Whatever is the case, Instagram Carousel is one of the most important parts of this social network. That’s why learning how to use Instagram Carousel is important for your business.

Instagram Carousel Posts allow you to share ten images or videos in a single post that your followers can swipe through. In a way, this is an Instagram album that showchases photos and videos that center around a particular theme. Each of your images/videos can have their own headline, description, and call-to-action. For your business this means that you can have up to ten ads in one advert unit.

Furthermore, Instagram Carousel is a versatile tool to use if you want to achieve your marketing goals. With an effective strategy, you can boost engagement, increase brand awareness, and gather more followers.

In fact, a recent study found that Carousel posts receive a higher engagement rate. Instagram users tend to like these posts more than others. This is probably because multiple images or videos tell a deeper story. Not only that, but they also create an interactive and interesting way to present your brand to the world.

That’s why you should learn how to use Instagram Carousel for your brand. And we’ll help you with that! But before that, let’s find out more about Instagram Carousel Ads.

In general, brands are using Carousels to engage their existing customers and generate new leads. This feature is a cost-effective, concise, and engaging way to convey your message to the followers. That’s why many businesses publish ads through it.

To create a Carousel Ad, you would need to meet these two requirements:

  1. Have a business account on Instagram,
  2. Connect to your business page on Facebook.

When you do meet these requirements, you’ll be able to create Instagram Carousels directly from your Facebook page.

There are two types of Carousel Ads for Instagram Stories:

  • Native Stories and
  • Expandable Stories

When it comes to Native Stories, this means that all slides are automatically displayed. Your viewers won’t need to “swipe to see more” as the ad will autoplay. As this type is automatic, you can post a maximum of three ads. Native Stories are effective for a commercial or demonstration. They act as “commercial breaks” when users are going through their stories.

Then, we have Expandable Stories. Users can click to keep watching and view up to ten images/videos. This type is great for customers who usually buy on their mobile devices.

Both Native and Expandable Stories support mixed media and allow you to put one call-to-action per ad. Lastly, these ads can feature one web destination per card or for the entire ad.

Now, let’s teach you how to use Instagram Carousel to post scrollable visuals rather than a single image or video.

Every day, 63% of users log into Instagram at least once. According to Hootsuite, these users will spend an average of 28 minutes per day on the network. So, Instagram is a place to be for brands, especially those that want to connect with their audience.

It’s high time to tell you how to use Instagram Carousel and make interactive posts that will get you more likes and comments. Let’s go!

Product Launch

Getting ready for your next product launch? Instagram is the perfect platform to tease your followers about the newest addition to your portfolio! Indeed, sometimes a single photo isn’t enough to showcase the new product. Perhaps you want to share specs, product variations, a first look, or some minute details in your post. Since 90% of Instagram users follow a business account, this is a great chance to build hype.

And Instagram Carousel can help you with that. Carousel posts allow you to share close-ups with your followers, bringing your product into focus. Not only does this give a deeper look at the quality of your product, but it also makes it more relatable.

Before and After

Today, one question is on every customer’s mind: How does the product work? You can provide the answer with the help of Instagram Carousel. Visually show the benefits of the product with each slide. For instance, you can post makeovers, artwork, or home renovations (if your brand operates in any of these fields).

In this way, your target audience can see how the product fits into their lives. Oh, and there’s something satisfying about a swipeable before and after post. And this is where Carousel comes in handy!

Personalized Recommendations

Many brands are focusing on personalized marketing to provide the best experience for their customers. And now, thanks to Instagram Carousel, they can create content that is targeted at specific customers. As a result, brands can increase reach and engagement.

Usually, brands use hyper-personalized posts to give recommendations for books, movies, or other fun content. For instance, a cosmetics company uses them to recommend their products for different skin types and age groups.

But, the power of the Carousel feature doesn’t stop here! We have more tips on how to use Instagram Carousel below.

Customer Reviews

A brand’s success depends on customer reviews. Naturally, if you’re getting good reviews, you should share them with your followers. By sharing positive comments about your brand, you’ll increase your visibility. Not only that, but you will also spark interest in your products/services and build trust.

Instagram is a great channel to share your customer reviews, and you’ll get a better reaction if you present them through the Carousel feature.


Carousel doesn’t only need to be used to announce a new product. You can also use it to tell the story of a potential customer. For instance, Pepsi posted a Carousel about a sixth Pepsi sense. The visuals were done in a comic-book style and people loved the artwork. This post shows how Instagram Carousel can help businesses build suspense.

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Tag someone who’s got a sixth Pepsi sense.

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Brand Stories

Here’s our last tip on how to use Instagram Carousel. This feature allows you to share personal brand stories. Customers love this type of content because it shows your brand in a light they haven’t seen before. You might post a series of photos with your employees, allowing followers to see the people behind the brand.

Moreover, you can provide behind-the-scenes content and show what your office looks like. Or you can reminisce about the “old days” and post pictures of your first office. Regardless of your decision, Instagram Carousel is there to show a human side of your business. It makes you more relatable to your customers.

Moreover, you can provide behind-the-scenes content and show what your office looks like. Or you can reminisce about the “old days” and post pictures of your first office. Regardless of your decision, Instagram Carousel is there to show a human side of your business. It makes you more relatable to your customers.

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Seven years ago I had no idea this little app would change my life 💗 . I remember when my dear friend Edel talked to me about instagram and Facebook, she said you basically put up a profile and asked people to like it. I nearly died 🤯 . Honestly I couldn’t imagine anything worse, sharing pictures of the things I made and seeing if people liked them? What if no one did? What if everyone hated the things I poured my heart and soul into? 💔 . But Edel convinced me and I put up my first post, swipe to see it! It was bloody awful, a terrible photo with a terrible filter (shout out to all of you hipstamatic fans!) but it got three likes from my cousin, bestie and Brian. It made me think maybe I could do it after all 💫 . This little app, you guys, have made it possible for me to leave a job that left me cold for a life that fills me with joy ⚡️ . Those early likes gave me the strength to believe maybe my dreams were possible and to take the risk and do my very first show in 2013 in Dublin (I’m not sure I was ever that young!) 💎 . It’s taken me to show at New York fashion week 🍾 . It meant my first ring made it onto Aer Lingus in 2015 🚀 . We opened our own store in 2016, throwback to our very scruffy corner of @powerscourtcentre! 🙈 . You guys helped choose our box! I had two samples of pink or green, I couldn’t choose and you chose for me 💗🎁 . At every stage of my journey you guys have been there, with kindness, support and advice. In an age when social media is muttered as a curse I would like to say thank you ❤️ . Here’s to kindness and love 💪🏻💫💗 #myfutureheirloom

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Now that we know how to use Instagram Carousel, let’s see why this feature is so important.

Why Are Instagram Carousels Important?

One thing is for sure — Instagram is the social platform of the hour. And we understand why. It’s a visual network which offers many opportunities for brands to advertise and promote their products or services. At the same time, brands are establishing meaningful connection with their target audience. This is thanks to a range of Instagram features, including Carousels.

But, why are Instagram Carousels so important for your business?

Well, for one, followers love when you share multiple photos/videos with them. With each swipe, they feel like they understand your brand better and that you’re putting in effort to tell your story.

Moreover, as we said, these posts get higher engagement rates. With more likes or comments, your post has higher chances to reach other potential customers. And if you share eight or more slides through the Carousel feature, your post will perform better. Indeed, the average engagement rate will go over 2%.

Furthermore, Carousels that feature both images and videos generate the highest engagement rates per post. So, don’t be afraid to spice things up on your Instagram business account.

All in all, this feature should be an essential part of your Instagram marketing strategy if you want to drive engagement and reach a wider audience. So, knowing how to use Instagram Carousel is a must for every marketer today.

Use Instagram Carousel Now!

Instagram Carousel is one of the most versatile, engaging, and user-friendly features on this platform (and beyond). Regardless of whether you’re launching a new product or sharing customer reviews, this feature is there for you. Swipeable photos or videos add depth to your feed. But they also allow you to share more content without spamming your followers.

So, go over your albums and see which photos are worthy of Instagram Carousel!