Artificial Intelligence in Video Marketing: The Future Is Here
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April 6, 2020
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Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Video Marketing

For decades, artificial intelligence (AI) had been a thing of imagination; one of those themes that runs throughout a majority of Hollywood blockbusters that have us craving for more. In Ex Machina, it helped search engine company’s CEO Nathan Bateman build a female humanoid robot Ava who both amazed and terrified us. Well, AI is no longer a fiber of our imagination or only a part of movies. The fantasy has finally become reality.

Now that it’s materialized, it would be foolish of companies not to use it to grow their businesses (sans female humanoid robots, of course). And they’re doing just that. AI is now an integral part of video marketing strategies, so much so that some can’t remember life before it. How did they establish a target audience without a machine collecting data to help them? Or how did they increase their return on investment (ROI)?

Well, they relied on other tools and some still do. However, as the future is here, you should use AI and all that it offers to expand your business. Wonder how it works in video marketing? Today, you’ll learn this and many other things. Let’s see what we’ll go over:

AI: The Basics

In today’s market, understanding how and where your audience is watching videos has become as crucial as the content you post. And thanks to AI analytics, companies can now know more about their consumers than ever before. AI tools and algorithms have offered them a valuable chance to analyze data and browsing habits.

So, how is this crucial for any of your future video marketing strategies?

Well, the answer is simple. The information you acquire about your audience using these tools can help you come up with a strategy that is based on tangible consumer insights. By having an understanding of what your target audience needs, your strategy will become more relevant and designed to accommodate specific consumer interests. Obviously, customers are more likely to watch that video content which reflects their interests.

To gather data on customers, brands also rely on a subset of artificial intelligence called machine learning. Let’s examine it below!

What Is Machine Learning

As a subset of AI, machine learning (ML) studies algorithms and statistical models which are then used by computer systems to perform a task. It is akin to data mining in that it uses a system that goes through data to find patterns. However, unlike data mining, machine learning doesn’t require human intervention, i.e. it uses these patterns to learn and then adjust programs accordingly.

One example of machine learning in action is Facebook’s News Feed. Namely, once you like or comment on a friend’s post, then the program learns that it should show you more content from that friend.

ML and Video Marketing

Once you create a video, ML can enhance its engagement levels by identifying which audience reacts to a particular content type. Basically, you can use ML to establish which video appeals to different demographics. Also, it tracks and analyzes comments and shares, thus, learning what exactly is driving people to click on a specific video.

What’s more, ML can also conclude what people will watch in the future based on the past videos. For instance, Netflix examines our viewing habits and then suggests titles which they think we’ll enjoy.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s dive into all the benefits AI can bring to your brand!

What AI Brings to the Table

What’s great about AI is that it helps video developers shorten the whole publishing process which is like music to their ears. Namely, they don’t need to create a video, release it, track user feedback, and then go back to altering it. Instead, marketers can come up with meaningful content right off the bat thanks to AI’s data analytics.

We’re here to learn more about AI’s benefits. So, let’s start!

Improves Personalization

There are numerous reasons why personalized marketing is important today. Not only does it increase user engagement, but also provides tailored messages which customers have come to love. Although personalized video marketing is yet to catch on, we have no doubt it will find its place in the sun as more brands see that tailored video content results in increased engagement.

Customers respond much better to video ads which are based on their search history and social interests. AI analytics build on this information to create targeted ads and content that resonate with the audience.

Over the next couple of years,  hyper-personalization is likely going to become popular in video content marketing. While personalization might advertise exercise apparel to buyers who bought similar items online, hyper-personalization might advertise that same workout gear based on used discounts, payment methods, etc.

Increases Conversion

With users devoting one-third of their time on the Internet to watching videos, many of them can view video ads as a nuisance if they don’t reflect their interests.

One way not to disturb customers’ online viewing experience would be to show ads only to those people who have searched for a particular product or service. And research suggests that consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video rather than just reading about it.

In fact, video encourages 64% of viewers to make a purchase. And it’s not difficult to understand why — video brings products to life in a way that written words cannot. Using AI, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that every customized video is shown to its target audience which will secure more conversions.

Offers a Chance to Test Video Content

When it comes to video marketing, a number of smaller brands are wary of investing in a new channel unless they are absolutely certain it’ll increase their return on investment.

AI analytics lower their guard and show them the world of possibilities offered by video marketing. They do this by allowing marketers to first test their video content and see the results before making a larger investment. Obviously, this opportunity to test and learn wasn’t really possible before AI. With a better idea of what their content can accomplish, smaller brands will feel more confident about investing a part of their digital marketing budget in video.

Analyzes Social Content

Every day users watch more than 100 million hours of video on Facebook. Based on this figure alone, imagine how much potential lies in social media platforms if you join 81% of businesses and start using video as a marketing tool!

But remember — it has to be engaging.

If you feel out of your depth, then turn to AI as it can develop and monitor your social media content. And the data collected is beneficial in that it can optimize future content. For instance, a brand posts a video and it performs well online. Using the data, that brand will know how and where it performed well and how much click-through rate it achieved. 

Now that we’ve mentioned what AI offers, we can say for certain impersonal and generic marketing will soon be a thing of the past!

Artificial Intelligence — Is It Worth Your Time?

Based on everything we said above, our answer is a resounding yes! Brands are increasingly starting to see the effectiveness of video marketing and relying on it as their go-to marketing tool. In fact, 52% of companies say that this channel has the best ROI.On its part, AI influences the future of video marketing by providing companies with a chance to tailor their content and devise their strategy through analytics, thereby leading to a win-win situation for both brands and customers.

For all these reasons, AI is and will remain an essential tool in the future. Therefore, we’re certain about one thing — if your brand is still not investing in video marketing, you’re making a grave mistake. However, you can correct it today by joining us at Brid.TV!

We’ve developed a video platform that will provide you with monetization solutions. So, if we have your attention, don’t be shy — contact us now.