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Track Ad Performance in Real Time

Delivering powerful ad metrics and gathering crucial ad performance data as the necessary steps for achieving business growth.

Ad Performance & Ad Opportunities

BridTV Video Metrics features detailed data and analytics that include analytics per video, which, in turn, denotes plays vs. impressions, ad requests vs impressions, fill rate (fill rate by ad slot – pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, overlay, banner, etc.). The system was devised so you could focus on ad performance and ad opportunities.

BridTV Analytics 2.0


Zero in on critical data and friction points beforehand. Track your ad performance according to each segment (per site, per video, etc.). Yes, BridTV Analytics offers Tracking Stats & Behavior Per Video, Tracking Playlist Performance, Detailed Analytics Per Player, Bandwidth Consumption, Outstream Performance and more.


Ad Error Data Delivery

Brid Analytics features meticulous error reporting. It gives publishers a chance to track ad performance, gain instant data when media creatives perform poorly, get detailed error stats per ad tag in the ad waterfall and so much more. The goal is to eliminate every single VAST error code, thus improving overall performance of your creatives.


Ad Performance Tracking

BridTV overall ad metrics lets you define your business by going through vital data. This includes analytics by Ad Slot, analytics by Fill Rate and analytics by Video Completion Rate.


Ad Viewability

Keep track of ad viewability. In the current online monetization landscape, ad viewability remains one of the most valuable stats you can have for your video content.

Ad Tag Waterfall Optimization

Ad tag waterfalling is a truly useful facet of the BridTV Video Player. Our publishers rely on this particular setting to maximize their fill-rate, and, in turn, revenue. Thanks to BridTV Analytics, you can also optimize ad performance by individual Ad Tags within the waterfall. Slick and very helpful.

Ad Analytics by Browser, Device and Platform

We are able to track your ad performance per web browser – in short, data is divided by browser, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari. Ad performance per platform / device is also available, so you can efficiently adjust your business plan, and see if users are watching ads on desktop or mobile.


Analytics and Data Reporting Tool

Rely on BridTV's Customizable Analytics and Data Reporting Tool to download highly detailed data, thus enhancing your monetization strategy. Download the needed data in CSV, XLS and PDF.

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