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Reaching Millennials Through Esports And Video Streaming
September 16, 2016
Biggest Problems With Content Marketing And How to Avoid Them
September 29, 2016

Your Video Marketing Strategy Needs YouTube and FaceBook and Brid.TV

These days it seems inconceivable to formulate a proper digital marketing strategy without the inclusion of video. Creating video content and using it for marketing purposes has indeed become an integral part of any business plan. For many years, marketers, business and product salesman have had difficulties pushing their brands out the door and getting them to the consumer.

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For this specific reason, outbound marketing has become a cumbersome and expensive endeavor, which yields precious little results. In short, it lands very far from the desired ROI (Return on Investment) goals. That’s why inbound marketing has been the main building block of nearly every serious business campaign for the past several years.

Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing

Inbound marketers are clearly focused on YouTube and Facebook video as the future of marketing. Meanwhile, Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine are also outlined as key part of this future. This was revealed by HubSpot, an inbound marketing and sales platform, via their annual State of Inbound Report (thanks @gregjarboe). The report indicates that there were 4,500 respondents from over 132 countries, and it refers to marketers in B2B (Business-to-Business), B2C (Business-to-Consumer), small, and mid-sized businesses. Half of the companies represented generate under $1 million each year.  
To make things a bit clearer, inbound marketing is term that refers to a very specific thing. It’s utilizing quality content to expose your product and brand (the term was established by HubSpot CEO, Brian Halligan). In contrast to this, the more traditional outbound marketing methods refer to purchasing ads, email lists, and praying for leads. So, it’s an entirely different angle. While a majority of video creators or media companies will still make an effort to gain a big consumer audience and then monetize it by selling advertising to brands and agencies. In other words, inbound marketing strives to recognize the real need of customers, thereby garnering inbound traffic naturally.  
Much of this goes perfectly in line with recent marketing ventures that rely on digital marketing strategies that are heavily tailored to suit specific target audiences such as millennials. Additionally, when it comes to video content marketing, the idea is to make the content more ‘human’ and more ‘personal’ so that audiences can connect to it.   

The Importance of Video Customization and Native Upload

Arighty, you have created your own video content which you would like to the most popular social network sites. This is indeed a great and useful thing. YouTube, apart from being the strongest online video service available, is also one of the most popular search engines and it offers users a chance to upload native videos. Luckily, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter now allow the same thing. This takes a bit of extra work, albeit customizing your videos for each of these platforms will make all the difference. Bear in mind that every social network has different height and width ratios and a unique stance on driving engagement and viewership.
Here’s how you can tailor your video for the top social networks.

YouTube Video Strategies

Getting In Touch With YouTubers – If you are persistent and good enough, at some point, other successful YouTubers will notice one of your videos and they might share it on their channel or simply ask you to mention their channel. Never say ‘no’ to such potential deals. They could be your door towards YouTube stardom.
Make Comments and Leave Links – Yeah, it’s tough “surviving” any online discussion these days. However, it’s perfectly possible to steer clear of all the ‘haters’ and ‘trolls’. Think about it, an occasional link to your videos posted in the comments section will get you a tiny bit of exposure. The idea is not to spam people with links, of course, but once in a while provide an informative alternative to what they’re just watching. If you’re really lucky, one of the users will share this in another, more popular, YouTube channel and that’s when the clicks and views should start pouring in.
Video Length and Weight – Your YouTube account will allow you to upload videos up to 15 minutes long. Once you verify your account, longer videos can be uploaded. These videos should be focused on grabbit the viewers attention, but the longer the video is the bigger the challenge is. YouTube allows you to upload practically any video format, but it prefers videos with an 16:9 aspect ratio (HD standard). Videos with other dimensions include bars on the sides or top and bottom to fit the 16:9 player size. Also, videos can be up to 128GB in size, but we’d advise against uploading that because it takes far too long to manage and edit. Stick to 1GB.
Video description and thumbnails – As we said before YouTube is a search engine, and in order for a video to get noticed make sure you optimize metadata, thumbnails, include closed captions and playlists. Putting a detailed description is important and remember to include relevant keywords.
First Few Seconds Are Vital – Having a bombastic intro is always nice, but don’t make it too loud or irritating because that might drive viewers away. It’s better to have an announcer, explaining what’s about to be shown in the video. Make sure to start with the content they wanted to see and do that within the first few seconds. Narration is better for videos, as opposed to text and captions.  

Facebook Video Strategies

On-Screen Text – Facebook mostly plays videos without audio, hence you should seriously consider placing on-screen text to gain the user’s attention as he/she browses the news feed. Remember, custom closed captions are awesome for YouTube because they boost SEO, for Facebook it is a must because they are there to catch the eye.
Video Length – While Facebook allows users to upload a video that’s 2 hours in length and file sizes up to 4GB (with 30 fps), it’s recommended to stick to the maximum resolution – 1280 x 720.
Video Thumbnails – Although not quite as essential as on YouTube, it’s a matter that should not be overlooked. Make sure to create a custom thumbnail for every Facebook video. This thumbnail shows up before and/or after the video in different situations on mobile and desktop.

Online Video Platform

YouTube and Facebook are great tools for building brand awareness with your video content and even video hosting so why would you need an online video platform as well? First of all, customization and complete control over your video content. Many of online video platforms, like, offer you complete control over player design allowing you to brand your website additionally when you share it on Facebook and Twitter. When embedding your videos on your web page with our online video player, you can choose between 33 official skins professionally made on our platform and decide which one would be the best fit for your web page.
Second video monetization options. If you’re a start-up video publisher and have a YouTube channel you should think twice before publishing your videos on YouTube exclusively, as YouTube takes 45% of all your ad fees and controls all aspects of monetization for you. Native Facebook videos do not have a monetization option at all. If you are using the Online Video Player for instance, you can upload your videos and self-manage your ads. With you can embed YouTube videos on your site through our player, and additionally monetize your YouTube video content with a pre-roll option via Brid’s intro video feature.
Third using third party video hosting services improves the ranking of your website. Embedding your video content to your homepage, blog, and to your landing pages will help with SEO and encourage prospective customers to convert. Many businesses usually just embed their YouTube videos onto their website, but they should be aware that using third party video hosting services could serve as a better and more effective solution. The most important advantages include additional backlink and shared content options and custom SEO embed code which influences your own site instead of YouTube. Fourth online support team to answer any questions you may have. With Brid.TV you have our support team 24/7 at your service to answer any question and in most cases, all tickets are processed in a time-frame of up to 24 hours. We are standing by to help you out with whatever you may need in order to get you set up better with us.

The Choice

It’s not a simple one to make and it depends on many aspects of your business i.e. product, goals, creatives used and audience before anything else. In general, you won’t be making a mistake using all of the above as each one has its own perks that can only complement the rest of the lot.

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