Yahoo Spotted 60% Revenue Growth in Online Video Interests
by | Jul 28, 2015 | Video Industry News | No Comments

Yahoo spotted 60% revenue growth in Q2 in online video interests, show this company’s study. The latest Yahoo study also revealed that viewing video native ads on Yahoo improved brand favorability up to 50% and that it can increase purchase intent even up to 28%. Yahoo earned GAAP revenue of $1.24 billion, which represents a 15% growth. But not all is rosy for this search engine website, as the company saw a $45 million loss from operations, compared to Q2 2014 when its income from operations was $38 million. It recorded a net loss of $22 million, down from a $270 million net profit in 2014. Yahoo expects its Q3 revenues to come in lower than expected. The predictions are Yahoo’s EBITDA will be between $200 million and $400 million. Yahoo is currently investing more into building its revenue stream, specifically around advertising and its online video division.

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