WordPress Video Plugin, Faster, Improved and Optimized
BridTV Summer 2019 Platform Update
June 12, 2019
Comprehensive Video Player Analytics by BridTV
June 21, 2019

BridTV WordPress Video Plugin 3.0 – Incorporated Analytics, CMS and More

With each passing upgrade, our in-house AI-powered technology has evolved beyond our wildest expectations, thus streamlining our revenue platform and making the whole system faster and easier for our users. In addition, this incredible tech has allowed us to create an intuitive modern OVP (Online Video Platform); one that’s easily operated by developers. The biggest and most valuable facet of our HTML5 video player and CMS is being able to custom-tailor the whole video tech to suit the scale and style of your business. Now, if you’re running an online business and you are fishing for a steady, well-optimized WordPress video plugin, then you might want to read on.

Customizing the appearance and features of your video player to fit the look and feel of your web site is only one aspect of a feature-rich video management system that’s always at your disposal. Web publishers have come to rely on such benefits, but even more so they are used to having everything they need both on the client side and on the dev side.

WordPress Video Plugin, Updated, Refreshed, Improved

One of the key innovative elements in our latest WordPress video plugin is giving the publisher the ability to make the most out of their monetization strategy, while maintaining their core developer habits and workflow.
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With the BridTV Video Plugin you will not need to leave the WordPress work environment at all. Everything you’re working on inside the Brid CMS is incorporated straight into WP, which means every single CMS option and feature is available inside WordPress itself. This is extremely useful for developers and content managers who are used to the comfort and many options of the WordPress platform.
Here’s a list of official updates that were made with the latest WP video plugin release:

  • Fixed jQuery plugin incompatibility for older WP versions.
  • Backward compatibility with older WP versions.
  • Added support for the new ad tag monetization system in Brid.
  • Deprecated the option to replace default WP video embeds.
  • Added new screens which list your Brid players and outstream units.
  • Added many new options on the player edit screen so you can now set up your player with almost all options inside WordPress itself.
  • Added basic account info inside the plugin so you have a quick overview of your current usage right inside the plugin itself.
  • Removed a lot of custom styling for the plugin so that it now uses default WordPress styling for most admin screens. This improves the plugin size and performance.
  • Optimized a lot of the backend code so the plugin now behaves more snappy.
  • Fixed a variety of minor bugs, optimizing and streamlining overall performance.

Benefits of Ad Tag Monetization and Ad Tag Analytics

The BridTV Video Plugin 3.0 is fully integrated and merged with the BridTV Analytics Engine 2.0, giving web publishers an opportunity to create an effective digital strategy and monetization system, any way they see fit.
Relying on the benefits of our in-house video analytics will enable you to decrease page load speeds, get premium demand, get in-depth reporting and data collection. Not to mention that you can also have highly accurate per-video metrics – all of this available in WordPress.

Other Advantages of BridTV WP Video Plugin

For years we have been perfecting our WP video plugin, based on feedback and help from our clients and web publishers. The following benefits were singled out by our publishers as the main advantages of the BridTV WordPress video plugin:

  • Analytics per playlists – certainly a great benefit, giving you accurate insight according to your most wanted playlists.
  • Analytics per video – this is one of the most popular demands from publishers and is currently the most utilized feature of our brand new video ad metrics.
  • Analytics per ad tag – enough said.
  • Advanced reporting tool – customize your analytics reporting according to your business needs (.csv, .xls and .pdf).

More Innovation on the Way

BridTV continues to pave the way for web publishers, helping them improve their online businesses thanks to a highly optimizing video content management system and ads revenue platform. Stay tuned for more updates…