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Brid Platform Release – Version 2.8
October 19, 2016
Why Your Video Marketing Strategy Needs YouTube, Facebook And A Third Party Video Platform? (Infographic)
October 27, 2016

Why WordPress is the Best CMS for Your Website?

Trying to be a blogger these days takes skill, determination and hard work. To be fair, you won’t be able to get far without the appropriate tools and WordPress is really the best place to start.
You may find it hard to believe, but WordPress was an unknown tool utilized by very few developers across the Web. These days it powers over 26.4% of the Web, according to

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The explanation for that is simple: WordPress can be deployed in any scenario and for any type of B2B environment, ranging from small personal blogs, to small business sites. Fortune 500s like Sony Music and the Forbes blog are also known for using WordPress.
Another impressive piece of data indicates that users make 41.7 million new posts and 60.5 million new comments every month. So, that’s 1,390,000 new posts every day. Considering that the average post is approximately 300 words, that amounts to 300,000 words written every minute with WordPress.  

WordPress Beats the Competition   

WordPress is very straightforward and as such represents the best choice for those who are just starting out. Those who run small and medium sized websites, blogs and smaller e-business endeavors are advised to hop on the WordPress bandwagon.
Joomla is another awesome choice for e-business ventures or social networking websites, although it requires often extensive technical skills.
Drupal may be the most powerful open-source CMS, but out of all the aforementioned choices, this one demans the understanding of HTML, CSS and PHP.

Lots of Options  

WordPress provides various options, no matter what your business objectives, interest or budgets are. No other platform will allow you to install, design and customize websites without hundred of dollars in expense and enables you to set up on such short notice. Besides blogging, WordPress offers lots of other dynamic options and extra plugins, such as, commenting, drop down menus, event calendars, slideshows, social media feeds and lots yet more to come. With the Brid WordPress Plugin you get to use all these options and post multimedia content. Brid Video Player WP Plugin provides you with the option to manage and earn more from your videos directly from your WP dashboard. Easier manipulation of the video library, YouTube integration, and centralized screens allow you to do all your work in one place.

Easy-to-Add Content

With a simple click you can add content, create a new page or post, or add features and widgets to your website, that way generating lots of quality content, and all that, in just a few minutes. With this plugin, you will be able to seamlessly add Brid video players and content to your WordPress site or blog. Brid video is free to use CMS system where you can add existing YouTube or upload your custom videos and monetize them. Using BridTv WordPress Video Plugin you can upload your videos directly or embed videos from other top video streaming sites such as YouTube. Brid WP Plugin provides you with the option to manage and earn more from your videos directly from your WP dashboard. Brid offers pure HTML5 player with Flash fallback. In addition to that, video monetization features the autoplaying of third party VPAID 2.0 templates on all mobile devices including all iOS devices, which was not previously possible. Also, 33+ custom designed HTML5 skins can be used, with responsive player sizing and more.

Community Support

As we’ve already said, WordPress is easy to use and easy to install, which means you’ll get a new web site up-and-running in less than 5 minutes. More importantly, any problems or issues you might experience can be discussed with millions of other WP users. WP’s forum support denotes helpful contributors that are always there to any questions within minutes and all of that is for free.  

Simple Editing

The most common reason people hear from creating their own website is that updating is considered to be too difficult. For those that are on WordPress, things are much easier. By using WordPress as a CMS you can edit any type of content on your business website, and most importantly, yourself, without having the need to pay for or wait on your webmaster to do that for you. BridTv WordPress Video Plugin enables you to update any change on your dashboard at any time.

Host Multimedia

WordPress makes it easy for you to insert multimedia files into a page or post. The addition of images, video or audio files can serve you as a great way to enrich the experience of your users. WordPress not only makes it easy for you to upload multimedia files, but also enables you to easily edit files, with the help of the Media Library Screen. BridTv WordPress Plugin enables you to post multimedia posts ( textual and visual elements). The process takes only a few simple steps – when you’re inside the BridTv WordPress Plugin dashboard of your WP website, all you need to do is to go to your Posts section and to click on the Add New post button. Our plugin simplifies your workflow in the WordPress platform when using Online Video Player. That way you can use ALL of the major advantages of the Brid platform without ever having to leave your WP admin screen. Using BridTv WordPress Video Plugin you can upload your videos directly or embed videos from other top video streaming sites such as YouTube.Our users can now fully customize their player (looks, functionality, etc.) from the plugin, as well as setup monetization on the player level so that you can start making money off of your videos immediately.

Cost Savings

Bear in mind that WordPress is open source and free, so your only cost there is hosting and domain registration. There are tens of thousands of free plug-ins and themes on offer. WP’s popularity is still on the rise. With the Bird free plan you will get all the advantages of using BridTv WordPress Video Plugin. Once again, it’s absolutely free for all of our users.

SEO Friendly and Fast Loading Speed

WordPress provides you several options that allow you to keep in touch with Organic Search Engine Optimization, and that way improve your website ranking in the search engine results. Several WordPress features and plugins can help you monitor your analytics and drive traffic. As long as you’re consistently adding great content and making your website user-friendly, WordPress will do the rest. More importantly, the service features fast loading speed. To put it simply, the loading speed of a website is influenced by your CMS, which is why WordPress is already optimized for good speed.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile usage is getting more popular. It advisable for all business who want to expand their business online to adapt their websites for mobile usage. Yodle and Research Now survey shows that 52% of US small businesses have optimized their sites for mobile usage. WordPress enables your website to work well for any smart device (iPads, laptops, smartphones or tablets), by incorporating Responsive Web Design. When it comes to mobile-friendly experience, Brid Plugin has you covered. Brid Plugin provides for our users to display in-page iPhone videos. Brid.Tv player now supports an in-page iPhone video play option.

Safe and Secure

WordPress takes the security of its users very seriously. This content management system constantly updates its software to prevent hacker attacks. WordPress has proven to be a very user-friendly content management system that makes adding content as easy as editing it, organizing it, and improving it with many features and plugins available. With BridTv WordPress Plugin the safety of your content is guaranteed. With each update that WordPress pushes out, this CMS gets even better and better.
In the meantime, we invite you to try Brid plugin and we ensure you that this experience will make you want to stay on this platform for a long, long time. Download our plugin now!

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