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July 30, 2015
How to Setup Overlay Ads via BridTv
August 6, 2015

What Makes Effective Overlay Ad?

We’ve touched a bit the subject of ads in our How To Create Effective Pre-Roll Ads. It seams only natural to try to explain what makes an effective overlay ad now? Overlay ads were created when the effectiveness of video pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads was brought to questione so advertisers came up with new advertising concept. An “ad overlay” is a small, semi-transparent overlay across the top or the bottom third of the video – usually as text or static image. An ad overlay essentially provides advertisers with the opportunity to place traditional banner advertising inside streamed video. That way advertisers can incorporate their messages directly into streamed video without drastically interrupting users’ viewing experience.

Using ad overlays, advertisers can incorporate their messages directly into streamed video without drastically interrupting users’ viewing experience. Click To Tweet

The Basics

Overlays are displayed on top of the video, along with video playback. Display time is about 10-20 seconds – they cover the top or bottom third of the video. They can be presented in the form of a scroll, ticker, or watermark image. The overlay remains static, much like a traditional banner ad, while the video runs underneath it. Viewers are free to close the ads, or they can click the overlays. By clicking on them they viewer will stop the video in the background and open up a player within the player, that can contain more ads. After viewing the ad, viewers can close it, and continue watching the original video exactly where they were when they left it off.

The advantages of ad overlays

So how can overlay ads serve you in promoting your business? First of all they are proven to be very useful solution for small-business owners, as overlays provides an affordable less intrusive means to reach video audiences, plus they are easy and cheap to create. They provide audience with the requested content immediately, without making them wait. Whether they are text-based or graphic-based, they can be easily integrated into any online marketing campaign. So, if you are looking to increase brand recognition, to promote a specific product or a service, or to increase daily traffic to a company website overlays will work. While creating a overlay, you need to make it clear and simple, but still effective and memorable, so you can capture the attention of your target market, and that why use the benefits of this advertising solution.

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