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Case Study: Fashion/Makeup/HairStyle Videos
December 10, 2015
Learn From Your Video Analytics
December 17, 2015

We’ve asked industry people how will video marketing change in 2016

Stats show that 83% marketers stated they are using video. As they become more adept at marketing video with every passing month we’ve asked industry people what are the drastic changes and what are the similarities that they can imagine for a video marketer in 2016?

Just as us marketers got used to the whole video marketing idea, 2016 will throw us a huge curve ball: Virtual Reality. This trend engages consumers on the highest level by immersing them *in *your brand. Web designers and developers are already ahead of this trend and developing the latest in VR, so it’s now up to marketers to consider how to reach consumers in the VR world for the ultimate marketing experience, stated  marketing manager for Future Insights, Michelle Burke.

An independent video consultant Michael Netsch says: I expect video marketers to become very creative with snackable micro-content. In 2016, we will see some incredible campaigns using video shorter than 30 seconds.

Productions should become more sophisticated. The novelty of video has worn off. Viewers will be looking for slicker productions — better talent and storytelling, stated Mark Grimm, former TV news anchor who now runs a communications strategy and training business.

Live video feeds will become the most dominant form of video marketing in 2016. We are moving closer and closer to an open source world where there are no doors or walls. The world where your viewer doesn’t only know what you tell about yourself but they know everything else as well. There is no more hiding information from viewers, the floodgates will open and live video feeds of the oddest things will begin to emerge. Content creation sites like Buzzfeed and College humour will show the feed of their office where employees sit down and have lunch with a camera full of viewers eyes and answer live questions, said Jonathan Farah, Chief Marketing Officer for Encrypted Labs.

Similar to 2015, videos are not going to leave and video marketing is the big thing right now. In 2016, I am sure that more platforms will put videos in the center like Instagram and Snapchat are doing those days. For example, the Facebook is full of videos but LinkedIn is not, it is because LinkedIn users are not having the simple option of using videos like Facebook users, stated Yuval Aharon from Rated Radar Detector.

Video marketing in 2016 will be a focus on a richer experience that gives exclusive access to brand culture – allowing consumers to get to know the company better. Whether this is audiovisual informational content, behind-the-scenes updates or live streams from the office, it’ll build a deeper connection between brand and consumer, said Jessica Riches from LMW Labs.

Originality will always win out over budget. It doesn’t matter whether the video is made for $10 million or $1,000, an original concept and unique  execution will continue to reign supreme, answered Heather Clark from Video Brewery.

Link building is losing its popularity and in 2016 high quality content will dominate the industry. People like to link to 5 star articles, so if you can create really quality content – links will come naturally. This will bring your site to the top of search engines. Email outreach and social engagement are the most powerful ways to promote new content. Yes, it takes some time but the result is really great,stated Evgeniy Garkaviy, online marketing strategist at

According to Jacob Spikes from Appleton Creative: In 2016, video marketers will be faced with the challenge of competing with social influencers. The debate over whether influencer marketing works has been settled, consumers are watching their videos. It’s now up to video marketers to either partner with influencers or support their own content with hefty ad budgets.

Since Shopping Ads are now extended on Youtube videos, we can expect more product features, reviews, and placements next year. This is a powerful new way for retailers to advertise their products, said Jane Dizon Digital Marketer who works at

In 2016, smart companies will continue to integrate video into their websites and social media profiles, ensuring it is consistently tagged with relevant keywords for search engine optimization, linking back to blog posts and the company website. More money will be spent to ensure well-produced videos that provide an exciting, interactive, personal experience into a company’s passion, integrity and quality of service, almost guaranteeing viewing of the videos in their entirety. As a powerful marketing and branding tool, high-quality video has the power to drive website engagement, heighten awareness, and increase sales, said Matthew White, the owner of t of 4th Coat Productions.

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