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June 21, 2017
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Best Ways to Make Videos Go Viral

As the digital marketing scene continues to expand, so does the need for more video content. Everyone is their eyes open for more creative ways to reach customers and other businesses, and as the market grows new challenges unfold before publishers. However, thanks to so many cool new solutions out there, these challenges can be tackled successfully.

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Videos are essential when moving forward with any kind of content or marketing strategy. Many business are constantly on the lookout for shortcuts, and while some manage to get there quickly, it simply must be said that there is no rule or simple recipe to gain audiences fast. Mind you, there are steps you can take to ensure that you are on the right track to get there, and that’s saying a lot.
Viral videos for example have triggered the curiosity of many publishers and business owners. The reasons for that are simple: viral videos generate a lot of traffic, but more importantly they do this quickly and are usually offer something people can strongly relate to. Not only that, but viral videos often tune into contemporary topics, themes and trends.
One of the best ways to make sure your video goes viral, is to work on search engine optimization (SEO). Good video SEO helps people find a shortcut to your video – in other words makes it easier for them to discover the content that’s important to them.

Video SEO Basics

Incorporating decent video SEO would be an integral part of the whole process towards creating a viral video. It’s a very important stepping stone. When you’re optimizing video SEO you should know that it’s not a particularly complicated task, but it is a great way to make your videos easier to find and, of course, make them indexable by search engines and popular social network sites. Basically, it makes it easier for consumers to find your content organically. To start you off, here’s what you can do to create solid video SEO:

  • Create attention-grabbing thumbnails
  • Host videos to your domain
  • Consider making interactive content
  • Optimize your keywords
  • Create relevant metadata

Learn more useful tips on how to improve video SEO.

Will Every Video Become Viral?

The very direct and straight answer to that question is simply: no. It’s vital to understand this. You cannot churn out just any random video content and then expect that content to launch into video stardom. However, with the right marketing angle and with the help of modern tech that allows you to share the video worldwide, your chances to have a viral video on your hands will increase dramatically. A video that’s ‘shared’ and ‘liked’ and ‘upvoted’ is the key to making it viral. So, if the video doesn’t get shared a lot, it won’t get viral. The more interaction it gets, the more it gets viral… Simple as that.

Keep the Video Short, Timely, Sweet and Positive

The attention span of audiences is getting shorter and shorter. Online content is flooding the Web in the form of Tweets, which are limited to 140 characters and, similarly, your video content must be brief to the point, and aimed at what the target audience wants. A research published via NYT has revealed that over 19% of people close a video after only 10 seconds. What’s more, statistically 44% percent of viewers leave the video after just one minute. To cut a long story short, the video has to keep the viewers attention right from the outset. It has to be interesting and preferably funny, in addition to offering some useful information. All the good stuff you have to offer in terms of content, has to be at the beginning or in the first half of the video. Otherwise, it’s unlikely to go viral. The video has to strike an emotional chord in its viewers and that usually happens when the video content refers to something that’s positive and lighthearted.
Another essential thing about viral videos is timing. They have released at the right moment, especially when you’re keeping up on current events and referencing something that’s a hot topic in popular culture.

You Need A Solid, Reliable Video Player

There are very crucial factors to take into account with video SEO, such as source code and metadata optimization. The video technology you use is the vital component in running your business and it can have a big influence on how crawlers perceive your website.
Think About Page Load Times
You’re required to know exactly how your video content affects page load times. To be more precise, page load times affect SEO, so you’re gonna have to optimize properly. One of the primary things is not to clutter a single page with numerous videos because that could increase load times and that will drive bounce rates up.
Make a Video With Viral Power
Nothing is certain in this type of creation process. When you’re expecting a video to go viral there are no guarantees. What you can do, on the other hand, is make sure that the video contains specific elements that will enhance its viral potential. These elements relate to what the video itself must contain:

  • The video should display a problem;
  • Consequently an exaggeration of this same problem;
  • And, in the end, it should showcase a solution to that very problem.

Essentially, one of the things that often happens to viral videos are remixes and replications. So, once a video goes viral it will very well be duplicated, providing that the concept of the video is something that’s easily replicated – so it has to be simple, relatable and fun.
Implement a Video Sitemap
Setting up a video sitemap is also a fundamental element to getting good video SEO. Sitemaps are quite simply a way to communicate to search engines crawlers and that helps to interpret the content on a website. A great majority of devs will use typical sitemap, and then forget to optimize for video. Google provides ample documentation on how to do this effectively for your video content.