Video Player Customization Comprehensive Guide and Strategy
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HTML5 Video Player Customization: Easy, Fast and Unique

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Having an online business succeed in today’s digital climate means facing challenges, not to mention heavy competition. The circumstances have changed in today’s market, albeit you can overcome these obstacles one by one, step by step. It’s a tough playing field out there. Entrepreneurs, traders, developers, web designers, web publishers, marketers, creative writers and small business owners are all looking to stay ahead of the pack. If you’re running an online publication and you already accumulated lots of traffic, then take the necessary next step. Fine-tune your web site to achieve user retention. Video is another potent tool here. Consider setting up a video player that’s fast and you need to think about video player customization.

What’s Your Visual Strategy?

Your web site should boast many different aspects such as swift page load times, superior performance in general and so on. One of the biggest priorities in all this is paying attention to the visuals. As you’re toiling away to gain some traction with your site’s content, this will be one of your main tasks. Great and custom visuals can help with branding and user experience. These are the things you need to consider when running your online business these days. 

On the surface, this may seem very complicated like you’re trying to solve the world’s most difficult puzzle. As we’ve already established, obstacles and difficulties can be overcome gradually and carefully. Every successful business requires one simple thing – your own spin on things. Just add something that’s unique to you and your product/business. In that sense, visuals go along way. Visuals are everything.    

Historically and statistically, when users glance at a web site for the first time, 94% of their first impressions are design related. From our experience, publishers who prioritize design and visuals, on balance, they manage to retain their user base considerably more than those who don’t. We have helped many web publishers along the way in that regard by allowing them not only to monetize their videos effectively, but managing to do so with a cool-looking, high-performance HTML5 video player.   

Creativity and Video Player Customization 

Creativity and customization: two words really that every modern-day business cannot do without. Remember, UX (User Experience) is one of the most important aspects of any interactive media, web site and video player. According to recent surveys and web data, approximately 90% of users continue their online shopping due to great UX. With BridTV you are certainly on the right track, because you get: top-notch video player customization and a huge choice of ways to match the player with the look and feel of your brand. Why is that important? Every user on your web site immediately notices if something isn’t right visually, or if the player doesn’t suit the rest of the web site. Thanks to the latest significantly improved version of the BridTV Video Player, you can optimize to your heart’s content. 

Branding, And Designing the Unique Look of Your Video Player

Fully customizing your video player appearance is exactly what your business needs. This is what gives you the power to stand out from the rest of the crowd. The BridTV Video Player offers comprehensive visual customization. After signing up and embedding the player on your respective web site(s), you unlock various gradients and colors so you can achieve the desired look of your very own player.  

At the same time, we are always thinking of new and exciting ways to help push your brand into the very top of the market. In order to create a unique experience for your users, you can rely on numerous video player customization options, such as play button customization, toggle button customization, in addition to many other visual extras.

Logos and Designer-Created Video Player Skins 

If this turns out to be too much of a hassle for you, no problem. Our team is always on stand-by. Send us your logo, upload and then let’s work together to implement a truly unique online video player. Judging from a majority of our clients (web publishers, and various successful online publications), these implementations and subtle changes are just the ticket and they create first-rate user interaction, and can even significantly boost traffic. 

On the developer side of things, we provide maximum support, in addition to a comprehensive guide on how to set up all the necessary custom tweaks and changes you want to see in your very own HTML5 video player. So, make sure you stop by the detailed video player customization guide where you can get all the necessary info on how to create a custom skin for the Brid player.