Video Player Configuration is a Vital Component of Your Online Business

Optimize Video Player Behavior

Customize and fine-tune the BridTV HTML5 Video Player behavior to best suit your business needs.

Configure Autoplay

Maximize viewability across all browsers and devices. In fact, whether you're looking to optimize your player for desktop, mobile, web or native app, features such as Autoplay or Click to Play are indispensable. The BridTV player gives you the option to set autoplay behavior any way you see fit.

Autoplay Only When 50% in View

Ad viewability is the key here. One of the most sought-after options, which allows you to configure autoplay behavior only when the player is XX% in viewport.

Autoplay Only if Ad is Present

Utilizing the option 'Autoplay video (ad) only when Ad is present' is very helpful, especially for web publishers who are eager to save bandwidth.

Force Ads to Play Muted

Adhering to browser requirements, the BridTV player offers the ability to force ads to play muted. This is yet another factor that contributes to ad viewability.

Act as In-Content Outstream Unit

Thanks to the flexibility of the BridTV Player, publishers can optimize it to behave as an In-Content Outstream Unit.

Act as In-Slide Outstream Unit

In addition, you can fine-tune the BridTV Player to behave as an In-Content Outstream Unit.

Sticky Player

Satisfied web publishers have been utilizing BridTV Sticky Player in well over 1,200 players as an incredibly effective way to monetize video content. It's one of the quickest ways to ensure top-notch ad viewability and max out ad performance while keeping users happy.


Device Configurable

You are given the option to choose the ideal position of the Sticky Player (completely configurable).

Position and Size Control

Thanks to the customizable nature of the Sticky Player, publishers can easily set the width and height in order to tailor everything to their needs.

Show Close Button

Opt to show a ‘close button’ in the player’s top-right corner, to allow the user to close if needed (when the close button is pressed while the player is in the sticky position, the player pauses and returns to its starting position).


The BridTV Video Player can focus on Playback. Should the user scroll back to the player’s earlier location, the player automatically returns to its starting position and continues playback.

Stop After Video End

Allows you to stop the video after it has ended.

Continuous Play

We've had a lot of requests for this particular feature. You can now allow continuous play on your videos.

Customize Look

Tweak, engineer and customize the complete look of your Video Player according to your brand and needs. There are numerous options and features available to help you create your perfect video player.