Video Player Bidding With Intelligent Banner Fallback
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October 1, 2019
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Power-Up Your Monetization – Banner Fallback With Header Bidding

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Publishers are continually looking for new ways to monetize their online traffic. The same goes for content creators. Regardless of what your online business is focused on, the chances are you’ll be monetizing via video advertising — or, to put it another way, via video technology. Everyone’s going programmatic nowadays, and the online advertising spotlight is turning toward video. Over the years, video ads and video ad formats have changed. Now, all you have to do as a webmaster is implement one line of code, and you’re done! After that, you can sit back, relax, and watch the revenue flow in. Web publishers used to rely on techniques such as waterfalling (where bids are passed sequentially from one ad exchange to another). But those times are long gone — today, video header bidding is at the forefront of the industry.

Header Bidding — History and Success

Header bidding has been on the market for four years. This highly advanced programmatic advertising technique allows publishers to sell their digital inventory a lot more effectively than before. Initially, header bidding kicked off as a desktop-only feature to help publishers make up for inefficiencies that occur with the waterfall, resulting in many wasted resources on unsold ad inventory.

Even though header bidding may have some disadvantages like latency, it’s still an incredibly popular monetization technique. For instance, during March 2019, among the 1,000 most popular websites that sell programmatic ads, 79.2% utilized header bidding. Publishers are still incrementally adopting header bidding even though many have already been using it for a while. Video player bidding is the next step in the evolution of header bidding.

Video Player Bidding and Banner Fallback

We have been perfecting our unique in-house tech — Any-Ad™ (Intelligent Banner Fallback) for the past year. This particular technology has helped publishers a great deal on the road to enhanced monetization. The most significant advantage of the all-device Any-Ad™ tech is that it supports banner fallback beyond the 300×250 format (that includes Google Ad Manager 360 passback as well).

Coupled with video player bidding (or header bidding), Any-Ad™ works smoothly. Both techs are straightforward to implement, and, unlike with most ad technologies, implementing header bidding is highly advantageous for publishers.

  • Slick and Easy Implementation — Implementing and using header bidding is quick and smooth. The Brid.TV UI enables you to activate this particular feature in just a few clicks, whereas the integration does not require any coding or dev resources.
  • Highly Effective Monetization — Incorporating video player bidding in your monetization efforts will boost ad performance and achieve better ROI.
  • Video Player Bidding Functionality — Brid.TV’s video player takes header bidding to a whole new level. Our player lets you utilize display banners and video header bidding within a single ecosystem.
  • Top-Level Inventory — Thanks to high-profile and well-established techs like Google Ad Manager 360, Prebid.js, and SpotX, advertisers and publishers rely on the Brid.TV player network to get access to top-level inventory.

Everything Is Open-Source, Everything is Intuitive

The integration of video player bidding with the Intelligent Banner Fallback is carried out smoothly. You can happily work with open-source tech on the developer’s side of things (bear in mind that the code is open for reviewing). To put it another way, this method is one of the most efficient ways to level up your monetization strategy. Please check out Brid.TV header bidding examples below to learn more:

Brid display banner prebidding practically guarantees ad performance boost by applying the prebid logic to your banner fallbacks. The first step is to take the display banner example from The second is to grab the display banner code via Google Ad Manager, and that’s it! One simple line of code and you’re ready!

If you have additional questions about video player bidding or Any-Ad™, please reach out to us and our team will get back to you ASAP.