Brid.TV Platform Update 4.9.9 - New Video Formats, Content Solutions
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March 9, 2020
BRID.TV Playlist widget loves (to) React!
March 17, 2020

Brid.TV Platform Update 4.9.9 – Improvements, New Content Solutions

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Continuing our push forward with more tech, more options, more solutions for your business. The video platform has now been enriched with an especially valuable new feature, called the We are particularly proud of the brand new content solution for publishers, the Brid.TV Video Carousel. This solution can be integrated into your content strategy to boost your business in a whole new way. The beauty of this new system is being able to make custom videos by utilizing various URL’s or RSS feeds.

So, if you’re a publisher looking for unique content solutions to monetize your website, this is the perfect opportunity for you. Using the Brid.TV Video Carousel can transform existing content on the page into a high-impact video formats that drives reader engagement, increases page views, and creates new revenue streams for your business.

Additional Platform Updates and Performance Fixes

In addition to the Brid.TV Video Carousel, a few minor bug fixes and updates were added to the platform and player:

  • Added better error reporting for Twitter video ingestion so you get a better reason why a certain video cannot be ingested into Twitter
  • Fixed a rare bug where the player would reset to the beginning after a mid roll.
  • Fixed a rare bug where an advertisement video slot would stay on screen after a mid roll completes playback.
  • Added Google Structured metadata support for Brid playlist widgets.
  • Added new analytics to track the # of times the player’s 10 second rewind button is pressed.

Remember, Brid.TV offers more solutions and benefits for your online business. Check out the full list of features of our HTML5 Video Player and more cool facets of our high-end Video Platform.