Video Content Marketing Roundup Nov 23 – Nov 30, 2015
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A quick overview of the stories that matter in the world of video content marketing during the last week from  November 23rd to November 30th, 2015. Inspiring stories, tips and tricks you should/could use to grow your business. Check them out.

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How Is Online Video Like Game of Thrones?
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Short summary: State of online video industry explained through the map built from comScore which uses data to track each video platforms reach within the US. Post done by Evan DeSimone .

Snapchat rethinks content discovery with Story Explorer
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Short summary: On how Story Explorer feature makes it easier for people who are interested in a particular moment to view relevant content without requiring the curator to find similar Snaps.  Post done by Nathaniel Mott.

5 Content Marketing Ideas for December 2015
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Short summary: Describing marketing opportunities for e-commerce content creators for December 2015 (last-minute Christmas gift ideas, how-to holiday preparation, celebration articles and videos). Post done by Armando Roggio.

35 Steps to Better Content Marketing That Generates Sales
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Short summary: On understanding your target market and that way creating content that will generates sales. Post done by Annie Pilon.

5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs Content Marketing
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Short summary: On 5 ways how content marketing can drive results for small businesses. Post done by Dan Antonelli.

Data: The Missing Piece in Your Content Marketing Strategy
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Short summary: Setting clear goals and using data as your guide (using the right context and connections) ensures that you are developing the right type of content. Post done by Brad Messinger.

3 simple rules to plan and execute your video content in 2016
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Short summary: 3 simple steps that can help you identify what types of video marketing strategies you should focus on in 2016.

The Periscope trend: using live video in content marketing
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Short summary: Read about how brands can use live video in content marketing. Post done by Katelyn Piontek

Content Marketing in The Law Niche: 4 Strategies To Succeed
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Short summary: On how you should focus on quality over quantity when creating your content, and keep the focus on your niche. Post done by Elena Prokopets.

71% of Companies Plan to Increase their Video Marketing Budget – Because it Works!
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Short summary: On how marketers are beginning to discover that the real value of video can be demonstrated when it is used in conjunction with other marketing activities and is seamlessly integrated with marketers’ overall strategies. Post done by Greg Jarboe.


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