Video Content Marketing Roundup Nov 09 – Nov 16, 2015
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A quick overview of the stories that matter in the world of video content marketing during the last week from November 9th to November 16th, 2015. Inspiring stories, tips and tricks you should/could use to grow your business. Check them out.

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Instagram overtakes Facebook, YouTube and celebrities as ‘most influential social marketing tool’
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Short summary: On how Instagram is outpacing traditional social outlets when it comes to influencing consumers. Post done by Rebecca Stewart.

Will Marketing Addressability Leave SEO In The Dust?
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Short summary: On how the influence of SEO may soon feel obsolete. Post done by Adam Audette.

The 5-Point Facebook Marketing Guide for a Stellar Black Friday
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Short summary: Five tips that can help you break your own previous sales records on Black Friday. 

7 Deadly Sins of Blog Post Writing
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Short summary: The list of seven blog killers to avoid. Post done by Janice Kersh.

The Basics of Digital Governance: What Content Marketers Need to Know
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Short summary: Explains what exactly is digital governance and how can we use it. Post done by Marcia Riefer Johnston.

19 Brilliant, One-Sentence Pieces of Expert Marketing Advice
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Short summary: 19 amazing pieces of expert marketing advice in just a single sentence each.

5 Overlooked Content Marketing Assets That Can Influence SEO
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 Short summary: On five potentially overlooked content marketing opportunities B2B marketers should consider incorporating into their ongoing SEO efforts. Post done by Derek Edmond.

500 Hours of Video Uploaded To YouTube Every Minute
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Short summary: On YouTube growth of hours uploaded each minute from the past 8 years  and some trendline forecasting. Post done by Mark Robertson.

Are You Inspiring Belief Through Social Media?
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Short summary: Explains how social media can be used as a platform with which you can drive inspiration, belief and behaviour change. Posted by Gary Smith.


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