Video Content Marketing Roundup May 02 – May 09, 2016
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A quick overview of the stories that matter in the world of video content marketing during the last week from May 02nd to May 09th, 2016. Inspiring stories, tips and tricks you should/could use to grow your business. Check them out!

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The Audience Takes Charge
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Short summary: On how ad blockers exist because too many clients and agencies want to deliver too many messages that don’t matter to a single real person. Post done by Kirk Cheyfitz.

The 7 deadly sins of content marketing
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Short summary: Describes seven common mistakes businesses make by not integrating SEO (and other digital marketing disciplines) into their content strategy. Post done by Trond Lyngbø.

Content Marketing Is Moving Toward a Zen State of Storytelling
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Short summary: On how, when the lines between your story and your product blur, your product has become the merchandise of your brand’s continuing saga. Post done by Greg Hadden.

3 Content Marketing Trends You Need to Be Addressing in Q2
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Short summary: On how if you want your content to be one of the few voices people are listening to, you need to prepare for these three emerging content marketing trends. Post done by Sujan Patel.

7 Surprising Things You Have Never Thought About Content Marketing
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Short summary: On how, before start writing your first post, you will need to think and decide what your content marketing strategy will be. Post done by Daniela McVicker.

Mobile vs. desktop: Are you optimizing both experiences?
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Short summary: Describes five areas marketers can and should focus on as they think through mobile and desktop experiences. Post done by Aaron Strout.  

6 Key Social Data Metrics Marketers Should Monitor
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Short summary: On how, when you identify a high-performing campaign or piece of content, an analysis of the idiosyncrasies of the engaged audience is key. Post done by Corey Padveen.

5 Remarkable Qualities of Effective Online Content
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Short summary: On how effective content teaches your audience something they want to know more about. Post done by Sonia Simone.

Facebook for Marketers: Instant Articles, Bots, Branded Content
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Short summary: Describes how Facebook defines its branded content as content that features a third party product, brand or sponsor. Post done by Dom Nicastro.

Video Marketers: Stop Using ‘Reach’ as the Go-to Metric
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Short summary: On how some new ways of measuring the impact of video recently have emerged. Post done by Greg Jarboe.

Brands not investing enough in video, say senior marketers
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Short summary: On how only a third of content marketers believe it is possible to accurately measure the return on investment of branded video content.

Google claims YouTube ads are more effective than TV
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Short summary: On how Google’s analysis of 56 case studies, carried out by a range of research partners, suggests advertisers should be allocating up to six times more of their budget to YouTube than they currently do.

Social Media, Then and Now
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Short summary: Describes how advertisers have access to the incredible reach and attention on social, and the opportunity will only grow in the future.

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