Video Content Marketing Roundup Mar 28– Apr 04, 2016
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A quick overview of the stories that matter in the world of video content marketing during the last week from March 28th to April 04th, 2016. Inspiring stories, tips and tricks you should/could use to grow your business. Check them out.

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What is Content Marketing?
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Short summary: On how an effective content marketing strategy is built on two pillars that you (hopefully) have already: a set of robust, strategic personas, and an understanding of your typical buyer’s journey.

Why You Need Video In Your B2B Marketing Mix
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Short summary: Describes the most important metrics to consider as you test your video advertising. Post done by Megan Creighton.

The Content Pyramid And Why Video Must Be At The Top
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Short summary: On how video has the most nested component elements that can be easily transformed into resources for other channels. Post done by  Neil St. Clair.

Run Your Business While Implementing Video Marketing
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Short summary: Describes that what you need is to run your business while implementing video marketing.

Not All Video Content Is Equal
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Short summary: Describes some ways that entertainment brands can put their video content to work. Post done by  Dimitry Ioffe.

Tips and Tools to Ensure Speed Doesn’t Kill Your Site
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Short summary: On how, considering that vital speed is nearly every element of your online presence – bounce rates, page views, customer satisfaction, conversions, SEO, and ultimately sales – don’t get bogged down in the details, and don’t think you have to understand or implement everything all at once. Post done by  Aaron Orendorff.

7 Steps to Be a Productive Content Marketer
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Short summary: Describes 7 steps to help you stay productive with your content, and includes ideas for coming up with topics, regularly creating great content, and distributing it to your audience. Post done by John Rampton.

How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy
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Short summary: A summary of the seven steps in creating content marketing strategy your customers will love. Post done by Jay Baer.

12 Biggest Content Marketing Challenges In 2016
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Short summary: Describes 12 of the biggest challenges that are keeping marketers up at night. Post done by Michael Brenner.

Content Marketing Metrics that Matter
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Short summary: On how, instead of measuring how much cash your content marketing brought you this month, maybe it’s better to measure how many leads you collected. Post done by Erik J. Martin.

Facebook and Video: How Can Content Marketers Take Advantage?
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Short summary: Describes some facts about Facebook Video to consider when developing your calendars and content marketing strategies. Post done by Gabbie Diassi.

Content Marketing Multi-Format: 5 Amazing Ideas to Try Right Now
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Short summary: On how multi-format content marketing has become a trend and creating it is now less complex. Post done by Silvio Porcellana.

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