Video Content Marketing Roundup Dec 07 – Dec 14, 2015
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Since 2015 has come to an end, marketing experts around the globe have shared predictions what should be the focus of the industry and what upcoming trends do you need to follow to improve your content marketing strategy. Here’s a quick overview of the 2016 marketing predictions in the world of video content marketing during the last week from Dec 07 to Dec 14th, 2015. Check them out.

Trends That Will Dominate 2016
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Short summary: On how the core of your website should be effective content marketing and high-quality Content. Post done by Nicholas Bodell.

69 Experts Share 2016 Marketing Predictions
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Short summary: On 69 predictions about content, social and digital media marketing in 2016.  Post done by Bryan Kramer.

2016 Video Marketing Trends: Insights & Predictions From 16 Experts
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Short summary: What does the future of video marketing look like based on the predictions from 16 video marketing  experts. Post done by Greg Jarboe.

How To Go Viral: Lessons From The Most Shared Content of 2015
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Short summary: Tip on how to go viral: surprise, inspire people, share an amusing content etc. Post done by Steve Rayson.

Top 5 Video Marketing Trends For 2016
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Short summary: On five key statistics which show how video will continue to transform the internet in 2016 and beyond. Post done by Jonathan Savage.

Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet
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Short summary: Handy infographic which show you eight social media sites and the image size requirements for each so that you can optimize your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, and Pinterest accounts.

What Content Marketing Will Look Like in 2016: 40+ Predictions
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Short summary:  On 40 predictions from thought leaders who share their views on brand strategy, organizational structure, emerging technology and platforms, and other big developments that may be on the horizon for content marketing. Post done by Joe Pulizzi.

The Content Marketing Trend Literally Worth Watching
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Short summary:  On how video content marketing trend will be a force in 2016 because video is the most efficient way to atomize your message.Post done by Jay Baer.

Marketing Predictions for 2016
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Short summary:  On Content, Social Media and SEO Marketing Predictions for 2016. Post done by Lorraine Ball.

A Look Inside: What Will Be the Big Online Marketing Trends for 2016?
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Short summary:  Predictions for 2016 for the dominating search engines, changes in mobile traffic, and the forecasted trends for social networks (Instagram and Youtube). Post done by Seth Rand

Content Marketing Trends In 2016: Curation, Video & More
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Short summary: On how content marketers will get smarter about mobile and how native ads will continue to grow.  Post done by Jack Simpson.

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