Video Content Marketing Roundup Apr 11 – Apr 18, 2016
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A quick overview of the stories that matter in the world of video content marketing during the last week from April 18th to April 25th, 2016. Inspiring stories, tips and tricks you should/could use to grow your business. Check them out.

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23 Things to Consider When Creating Video Content [Examples]
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Short summary: On how videos are among the most versatile tactics content marketers can leverage. They can be cooked up, loaded up, cut up, and served up in a wide variety of ways. Post done by Jodi Harris.

Rise of the Invisible Marketer: Why Influence is the New Advertising
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Short summary: Describes how creative approaches that seamlessly integrate brand messages into content rather than interrupting the content with ads – in effect, are becoming a part of the entertainment in its own right. Post done by Glenn Ginsburg.

Content Marketing A to Z: 40 Tips, Tricks & Tactics for Mastering Content Creation and Promotion
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Short summary: On how, from doing keyword research, to guest blogging, to sharing content across different social platforms, there are a lot of different levers content marketers can pull. Post done by Erik Devaney.

What Is the Cost of Video Production for the Web?
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Short summary: Describes what drives the cost of online video. Post done by Lee Frederiksen.

Is Live Streaming Video Right For Your Social Media and Content Marketing?
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Short summary: On how  live video can supplement current social strategy and boost engagement, build awareness, and drive conversion. Post done by Keith Quesenberr.

5 Ways to Cope With Online Haters
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Short summary: On how, when you cover a topic people care about and have different opinions on, you have to expect some heat. Post done by Charlie Harary.

Liberty Mutual gets millions of views for parallel stories in a 360-degree video ad on Facebook
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Short summary: Describes how this is the first multi-narrative advertising use of spherical video. Post done by Barry Levine.

Social Media Marketing: Instagram Rolls Out Longer Video Feature
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Short summary: On how mobile content marketing experts and social media analytics revealed that Instagram extended their video length to give more freedom to users, allowing them to explore their creativity and communicate their message well.

7 Types Of Content Marketing You Need To Master
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Short summary: On how, if you want to be successful in 2016 and beyond,you need to leverage what works and avoid what doesn’t. Here are the seven basic types of content you need to master. Post done by Larry Alton.

How to Make Sense of Digital Video Content Opportunities
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Short summary: As brands shift budgets from linear TV to digital video, they are faced with decisions about what platforms work best, what publishers to partner with and how to assess campaign success in a fragmented, evolving media landscape.


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