Video Content Marketing Roundup 13-20.03, 2017
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Last weeks inspiring scoops in our weekly video content marketing roundup. As always, there are so many things going on the ever-evolving world of video content marketing. This is a selection of the hottest stories we picked up during the previous week. From social media marketing and SEO topics, over importance of video content marketing for every business to new tool of the week. These are the inspiring scoops, most of which offer cool tools, tips and tricks you can use to grow your e-business. Check them out!

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Fashion Influencer Marketing: Why You Shouldn’t Get Left Behind
Summary: Great showcase of the influencer marketing at work from @ninjaoutreach
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Why Online Brands Are Turning On To TV
Summary: TV still rules advertising world from @pace_media
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Deliver Stunning Video Experience To Your Facebook Instant Articles Audience
Summary: We are proud of our latest feature! Give it a try!
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Twitter Heats Up Video Mission: More Live Events and Original Formats In Time for Newfronts
Summary: @PRJoce from @VideoInkNews reports Twitter moves to video more.
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How Can I Make My Brand’s Web Video Clickable?
Summary: @4416films explains how to make your videos clickable.
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A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Video Marketing in 2017 – Sunny Lenarduzzi
Summary: @buffer podcast worth of your time.
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Tool of the Week:
Summary: @freephotoscc takes a lot of the guesswork out of finding quality stock photos to use in a hurry with different stock providers in a single location.
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