Video Content Marketing Roundup 12-19.06.2017
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Last weeks inspiring scoops gathered with a sole purpose of giving you the tools, the tips and the tactics that you need to grow your business fast in our weekly roundup. As always, there are so many things going on the ever-evolving world of video content marketing. This is a selection of the hottest posts and stories we picked up during the previous week. From social media marketing and SEO topics, over importance of video content marketing for every business to new tool of the week. These are the inspiring scoops, most of which offer cool tools, tips and tricks you can use to grow your e-business. Check them out!

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The Undeniable Power Of Video Content On Social Media [Infographic]
Summary: @jeffbullas shares great infographic on marketing in a video first world.
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The Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post
Summary: In the sea of mediocrity quality is what sets you apart. Learn how to write quality content with @hubspot and @soph_bern
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Video Marketing Tips
Summary: 26 video marketing experts share their top tips for creating engaging videos from @ngdata_com
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Four Steps to Unlocking the Real Power of Marketing Personalization [Infographic]
Summary:  60% of marketers say their organization struggles with personalization. @marketingprofs sharing with you what can you do about it.
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Video Marketing Nugges In Mary Meeker’s 2017 Internet Trends Report
Summary: Quick overview of the Mary Meeker’s 2017 Internet Trends Report by @tubularinsights
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Build an effective help desk knowledge base
Summary: How to build an effective help desk knowledge base explained in cool @ME_ITSM infographic.
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Tool of the Week: Market Muse
Summary: @MarketMuseCo is a machine learning content marketing platform, you can enter your focus topic and your site URL, and it will generate a list of related terms and variants.
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