Video Content Marketing Roundup 08-15.05.2017
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Last weeks inspiring scoops in our weekly roundup. As always, there are so many things going on the ever-evolving world of video content marketing. This is a selection of the hottest stories we picked up during the previous week. From social media marketing and SEO topics, over importance of video content marketing for every business to new tool of the week. These are the inspiring scoops, most of which offer cool tools, tips and tricks you can use to grow your e-business. Check them out!

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The New York Times Plays ‘Truth AND Dare’ with Google and Facebook
Summary: Storytelling from the media giant and their newest approach to it.
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Stop Buying Video on the Open Exchange: Part I
Summary: According to @AdMonsters buying online video ads on the open exchanges is a bad idea.
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10 Content Marketing Mistakes Every Startup Should Avoid
Summary: 10 content marketing mistakes every startup should avoid from @customerthink
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Videos to increase business conversion by 80%
Summary: Video can can amp up conversion rates.
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4 Reasons Why Video Is the New Star of Your Small Business Marketing Strategy
Summary: Video is the new star of a small business’s marketing strategy as @AllBusiness_com explains.
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Getting the Most Out of the New LinkedIn
Summary: @socialmedia2day explains how to make new LinkedIn layout work for your business.
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Tool of the Week Vectr
Summary: @vectrlabs is a free graphics software used to create vector graphics easily and intuitively.
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