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BridTV Video Platform Release 4.0
September 27, 2018
Video Target Audience: Millennials, Gen X, and Boomers
October 17, 2018

Advanced Tips to Boost Your Video Ad Revenue

Stepping into the business of online video advertising can be a very daunting task. Based on the latest market research data, video is set to make 80% of Internet traffic by the year 2021. When fighting the fight on the video content marketing, publishers resort to video advertising as their main weapon for maxing out revenue.

The only challenge is that growing a business via video advertising involves putting together a lot of pieces in a complex puzzle. However, once you get past all the basics, you will be closer to completing that puzzle.

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How to Impact Ad Performance

There are numerous things to consider when creating your digital marketing strategy, particularly if you’re planning to embrace video as your main tool for ad revenue then be sure to keep a close eye on viewability metrics. Doing so will give you a solid idea of what drives higher CPMs and exactly what key factors actually have an impact on ad performance.
Video is still the most effective way of garnering profit in the modern-day #advertising world. Click To Tweet
Video advertising these days goes beyond social media or establishing a presence on Facebook, Twitter and Google. While those are great ways to expand your business and achieve brand recognition, but looking at the bigger picture, other more important factors are at play when it comes to ad revenue.

You need to think about optimizing conversions to scale your business, and branching out to different platforms as well as other means of monetization. Keeping that in mind, it is vital to turn to one of the many video ad formats that are available today. From in-app video advertising solutions to playable ads or indeed any other format that’ll help you achieve higher click-through rates.

VAST Tag and Overlay

Implementing a VAST tag into the video player of your choice is one of the essential steps you’ll be taking on your road to a better, faster and easier video monetization. Utilizing overlay is another option to generate video ad revenue. It’s basically a small, semi-transparent overlay that goes across the top or the bottom third of the video – and it’s most commonly a text or static image. With overlay ads, publishers and various businesses have been given an opportunity to include traditional banner advertising within video.

What makes overlay ads effective? Well, they represent a form of non-linear ads and are often highly recommended for publishers and advertisers simply because they are non-intrusive. In other words, they do not get much in the way of the user’s viewing experience.

Handling the AdBlock Problem Properly

AdBlocking is one of the most persistent and ever-present problems for publishers, especially when it comes to generating ad revenue. With each passing year, consumers are getting fed up of intrusive and aggressive ad placements. It usually boils down to the sentiment that they are seeing the way to many ads that’s interfering with the video content they happen to be watching. Consequently, consumers resort to ad blockers on their desktop and mobile devices.

The message publishers keep getting from consumers is ‘please, just do not do this’ and yet companies have the tendency to continue serving such ads. There are a few ways to deal with this. Many publishers are resorting to AdBlock Plus or ADIQ as the appropriate anti-adblocking tools. That’s only the start of it. What really needs to be done is focus on the delivering quality ads to consumers, as opposed to annoying them.

The Wonders of GEO Targeting

Knowing the location (country or city) of your viewing audience is one of the most essential factors that come into play when you’re looking to increase video ad revenue. Depending on where the audience is (US, Canada, Asia, Europe and so on), you’ll have a better idea of about the users’ behavior as well as the currency they are using. Utilizing GEO Module supplies the necessary info, which can be crucial when trying to achieve better fill rates and click-thru.
This is done by using tags that basically search for IP longitudes and latitudes. Creating a sort of bridge between publishers and users, GEO Targeting system can lead to an improved ad experience thanks to user data accuracy – region, IP, time zone, city, etc. As part of your digital marketing strategy towards better ad revenue, this is without question an unbelievably important metric.

From Targeting to User Behavior and Content Quality

When you kick off with a digital marketing campaign that’s focused on video, calculating ROI depends on managing and analyzing used video ads. Unlike other types of advertisements, video ads are most likely to bring a performance boost because they encompass faces, voices, animation or basically just visual storytelling if you will. This is the best way to ensure that the message about your product, service or business gets a response from audiences.
Video advertising these days goes beyond #socialmedia or establishing a presence on @Facebook, @Twitter and @Google. Click To Tweet
Knowing the audience’s location can lead publishers closer to zeroing in on their behavior when it comes to ad interaction. If a particular format goes well, customers can be re-engaged with the same ads. The next marketing strategy will certainly be based on these ad experiences, as well as the location information.

Video is Definitely the Way to Go

Video is still the most effective way of garnering profit in the modern-day advertising world. Boosting ad performance is no easy task, but with all that’s said, it’s more than obvious that what matters most is how users behave when they are served video ads. Research has revealed that people simply have a better chance of interacting with video ads than with any other ad format.

In addition to that shorter videos are favored among audiences more than longer videos.
In fact, approximately 66% of customers want to watch videos that last below 60 seconds and not only that but it was confirmed that marketers who utilize video achieve revenue growth 49% faster than those who do not.

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