VidCon 2015 Haul
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Last week’s 6th annual VidCon brought new trends in the digital video marketing business, strategic insights and some new stats. One of the key notes of this years VidCon was about how to fund online video in the future. John Green co-founder of VidCon brought up a big question – should we build the future of online video around paid subscriptions, advertising, hybrid models, voluntary payments, or to create some completely new model? One thing’s for sure – mobile is priority, and will be a priority in the digital video marketing business, according to YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki. Susan mentioned the importance of the new redesigned YouTube mobile app, which now lets users watch full-screen vertical videos with just a single tap. Susan announced the new YouTube gaming app and website, coming up this summer. Wojcicki also revealed that 400 hours of video are now uploaded to YouTube every minute. Besides the keynotes and fireside chats in the industry here are top stats revealed on VidCon 2015 that you might be interested to know about:

  • YouTube videos with ‘Top 10’ or “Top Ten’ in their title get 531% more views
  • Out of the top 1000 videos on each platform, YouTube videos were 8x longer than Facebook videos
  • More newly uploaded Facebook videos hit 1M views each month than on any other platform
  • 50% of Facebook views came on day 1 vs. 20% of YouTube views
  • There are over 2.5M publishers on YouTube, and 1,268 of them have more than 1M subscribers

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