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How To Use Video To Increase Your Website Traffic

We’ve talked over and over here on our blog how a successful online strategy depends on a quality of content you produce, that has the ability to eventually attract large amounts of traffic. It goes without saying that today, video content is the most popular content form, and the most engaging one. Based on the latest stats video content attracts 600% more viewers than the combination of direct mail and print.

Video content accounts for 87% of online content such as blogs, articles, and images. At least 96% of viewers click on the given links while 90% make decisions after they watch videos. Before you start producing your video content, there are some basic step one needs to follow.
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How To Create A Proper Video Marketing Strategy

Tailoring a video marketing strategy depends on your target group. Besides your target group, for who you are creating your content, you need to pay attention to the story you’re telling with your content. The point of the story needs to be clear, understandable, so that can be put in one catchy slogan. The video duration is the third factor – it’s recommendable for your video to be wrapped in a shorter form. People usually don’t have time to watch a long duration video, so make you video short and catchy, but effective. It has to be interesting, funny and engaging. Number one purpose of your video content is to answer to viewers’ needs, first of all. You need to explain to your viewers how can your service help them.   

Use The Method That Suits Your Business The Most

Video content could be extremely useful as a form of promotion, regardless of the size of your business. Companies use  lots of different options when tailoring their video content, many different methods when it comes to approaching their customers. Some use everyday tasks each person can relate to, others engage their customers with pop culture reference, others with catchy, intriguing story. Depending on your target group, using these methods will provide you a viral success. If you want to find out which method is the most suitable for you, you can follow the effect of your video marketing strategy by using Google Analytics.

Don’t Forget About  SEO Optimization Of Your Content

The internet has become one competitive field for business. That is why, if you want to be on the top, you need to focus everything you do on SEO. That includes your video, as well. You can improve the search ranking of your video content and influence search engines to better rank your video with using the right keyword, making the video interesting, paying attention to the title of your video, creating an appropriate description of your video and choosing the appropriate length of your video. All of these factors will help web crawlers find and rank your website’s content.

Use Social Media To Boost Video Reach

By sharing your video on social media channels, you can additionally traffic boost the traffic of your video and your site. 72% of all internet users are active on social media. Around 936 million of daily active users consume Facebook, and 270 million spend their time on Twitter on a daily basis. Take advantage of this opportunity to increase the number of your consumers and share with them some valuable and memorable pieces of content. You will eventually make them visit your website so they could enjoy more of your content.

Types Of Engaging Video Content

One of the most popular forms of video content is videos that describe how to perform a task or use a particular product. Creating a video demonstrating how to use your product without actually trying to sell your product has the paradoxical effect of demonstrably increasing product sales.
Video testimonials, as also one of the popular forms of video content that can promote a product or service, are proven to be more effective than written product reviews. Stats show customer conversion figures as high as 74% after a web visitor has reviewed a product video. It’s been proven that the visual impact of a sincere video testimonial can have a profound effect on your brand’s credibility.
Some of the online video with the highest number of views address customer service issues. Assisting your customer with a video that addresses product troubleshooting, and walking them through menus and product guides can increase user’s interest in your website’s offerings.
There are several ways to turn your videos into traffic-getting machines. Make sure you use the tips mentioned above and you will see how they can do wonders for increasing your traffic!