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June 7, 2017
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June 21, 2017

BridTV Platform Update: New Video Encoding, Live Streaming, Ad Reporting

Online video industry has changed drastically over the past couple years and will continue to change. There’s no doubt that today, as a business, you need to be on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube. However, the best practice for any business still is having a website as a starting hub. The essential part of your website is your video content and video player/platform that can handle all your video needs fast and reliable. The latest update, with new features and fixes to BridTV platform, is one more step in that direction giving you a head start over your competition.

New Video Encoding, #LiveStreaming, Ad Reporting. All are part of the latest @BridTV video platform update. Click To Tweet
Here are a couple of main features that have released today and are most excited about.

New Video Encoding System

Today we have deployed our new encoding system in place. Smaller video files should be encoded and ready for use in a matter of seconds while larger video files, from our testing would encode up to 5x faster. We hope you enjoy these performance tweaks!

BridTV Live Streaming

Because live streaming has become so embedded in today’s modern online experience we’ve been working hard for some time now on our live streaming capabilities. From today, BridTV publishers can leverage our new tech and create and stream their own live streams through the BridTV video player. Think about potential for your business here: additional branding with customized player skin; ability to monetize live stream with pre-roll video ads. What more, infrastructure is completely provided by BridTV and is super quick and easy to set it up.
Please contact your account manager if you need live streaming enabled for your account.

BridTV Ad Reporting

From today, BridTV publishers that use our own video monetization options have a comprehensive and dedicated reporting section in the CMS where they can track all the main stats in regards to ad serving. You will be able to track ad impressions by GEO, ad clicks and also a handy revenue forecast.

Other Notable Features/Fixes

  1. Added an option to the player to autoplay only if a valid ad is served to the player.
  2. Added a configurable close button for the Brid in-slide ad unit.
  3. Released a new WordPress plugin version to accommodate all the new changes made in the backend.
  4. Added support for the stay-in-view option for players on the Facebook mobile browser.
  5. Added a better resize logic to the player on mobile when a user changes between portrait and landscape.
  6. Fixed automatic invoice sending to email.

As always, we value your feedback greatly. Let us know what you think.