Unblock VAST and VPAID 2.0 Video Ad Revenue With AdIQ
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Adblock Recovery Solution ADIQ

Ad blocking is a serious threat for ad supported video businesses today. There were 615 million devices blocking ads worldwide by the end of 2016, 62% (308 million) of those mobile. On average ad blockers are costing publishers up to 30% of their ad revenue. The obvious need for an effective Adblock recovery solution led to making of ADIQ, Brid’s proprietary ad de-blocking tech.

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For us, unblocking VPAID 2.0 is huge. The fact remains that a great majority of video ads today are served through VPAID 2.0 ads managers. This in turns allows BridIQ to have a far wider support for video ad unblocking than any other similar solution on the market. The key is not just being the first, it’s being the first at regaining back the true bulk of the video ad inventory.

Easily deployable ADIQ is a cost-effective and sustainable business model where you pay for unblocked and delivered impressions only. It comes as a part of BridTV online video platform PREMIUM plan, free of charge, but it also works with other top video players.

ADIQ is a simple, yet powerful Adblock Recovery solutions made to help small businesses and large enterprises ensure their video ad content is seen on any desktop or mobile device.

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