Three Types of Marketing Videos You Can Record Remotely
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Types of Marketing Videos You Can Record Remotely

marketing videos you can record remotely

Video has become one of the most popular and used formats of content on the internet. People, brands, publishers — everyone relies on video to educate, learn, entertain, and promote. This medium is especially useful for businesses looking to spark interest in their brand, build trust with consumers, and gain their loyalty.

Now more than ever before, video is on the rise. In fact, people watch an average of 16 hours of online video every week. Its growth and popularity isn’t that shocking. After all, video is dominating the web today — particularly social media. These platforms have become video-focused over the last few years. In fact, Facebook gives preference to this medium over other content.

Although blogging, case studies, and white papers are still important, many customers, especially millennials and Gen Z-ers, prefer to learn about new products or services through video. Indeed, 72% of customers would rather discover a product or service with the help of this medium.

Making videos is more crucial now that people are practicing social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Customers are turning towards this tool to unwind and forget about the current situation. So, if you want to establish a connection with them, start planning your videos!

In this article, we’ll tell you about three marketing videos you can record remotely. These types will surely help you catch the attention of your existing and prospective customers.

Here we go!

Recording Videos Remotely

Remote work has received a lot of attention in 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic. We have seen businesses around the world adjusting to the new normal and turning towards working from home. Your company probably followed suit as well, which is why you’re wondering which marketing videos you can record remotely.

Many content creators and marketers think that videos can’t be shot remotely. And, in a way, their belief is valid. Namely, high-quality videos do require a location that is suitable, quiet, aesthetically pleasing, and has good lightning. You might be thinking that you need a film studio, expensive equipment, camera crew, actors, and makeup artists to record a video. But, you don’t.

In all honesty, marketing videos can be costly and time-consuming to make. However, you can shoot many of them in all sorts of locations. So, yes, there are marketing videos you can record remotely.

In fact, this year has proven that businesses can operate and exist outside of the office. We’re seeing many brands and influencers promote products or services on social media or through online videos filmed in the comfort of their homes or remote locations. They are able to attract and maintain their viewers’ attention even in these circumstances. And it’s all thanks to the power of video content!

But, what should you know before you start recording from home? Well, for starters, the types of marketing videos you can record remotely. And that’s why we’re here!

We’ll mention three video formats that marketers and content creators can create from home without any hitch.

Let’s check them out below!

Types of Marketing Videos You Can Record Remotely

As you probably know, video is the most versatile content format out there. There is a wide range of video types available, each bringing different benefits to your brand. All of them help your business transfer information in a clear and concise manner. Your customers don’t need to read lengthy tutorials in order to understand how to use your products or services.

Quite the contrary, they just press “play” and discover everything they need to know in a matter of minutes. That’s why 55% of consumers watch video content every week. Nothing entertains, engages, or informs them like videos do!

So, don’t give up on this medium while you’re working from home. And here are marketing videos you can record remotely.

Demos and/or Tutorials

Demos and tutorials are a go-to choice for many businesses. They usually make them in home offices or shared workspaces. And it’s not surprising that this type is one of the marketing videos you can record remotely.

Namely, demos and tutorials focus on a product, service, or process. These things are the center point of this type. You can zero in on the product throughout the video, so you won’t need any studio lightning or an expensive background to catch your viewer’s attention. Just remember to film in a setting with a non-distracting background, good lightning, and limited noise.

Demos and tutorials can make your brand come across as more authentic. This is because you’re recording them in a natural lighting. On the other hand, if you want to highlight software or digital services, you can make a screen-recorded video that presents that product or shows which services you offer.

Let’s see what other marketing videos you can record remotely.


Did you know 97% of marketers believe an explainer video helped their customers better understand their products or services? That’s why this video type is popular among brands and content creators.

An explainer lets you or an expert connected with your business explain a specific product or a topic. For instance, explainers can focus on a new trend, a piece of industry news, strategies, or tactics. Or they can discuss your products or services, making it easier for your customers to see how your brand can help them solve a particular problem.

Of course, you don’t specifically need to shed light on your product/service. Namely, explainers are useful when you want to establish yourself as a thought leader in the industry. In addition to that, you can partner up with an influencer who would record an explainer video for your brand. Customers might think your company is more credible because this person is associated with it.

Both of these marketing videos you can record remotely are favored among consumers. But, here’s another one you can make.


Because of the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve seen a lot of brands experimenting with live or pre-recorded Q&A videos. This type enables an expert to answer questions that viewers post in the comments section or a host asks.

Q&As can make your brand appear more credible. The audience receives value from this content because they can learn something new by listening to the expert’s responses. Also, if your video features an influencer, prospective customers might tune in and discover more about your brand.

There are a number of ways to do a Q&A without having to ask people to be present in the same location. For instance, social media platforms support live videos. You can start a live session on Instagram and respond to the questions viewers post.

Now that you know which marketing videos you can record remotely, you are ready to start on your own!

Record Videos and Use Brid.TV

Video content is the way to get your brand noticed by consumers. This is a digestible content type that engages and informs your viewers, helping you capture their attention.

So, take a look at these marketing videos you can record remotely and choose the one you’ll make next. After that, use Brid.TV, a leader in the industry, to host, manage, and monetize your videos. We’re here to help you grow your business!

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