Turn Your WordPress Site Into A Video Blog With Brid.Tv
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Not long ago everyone was talking about blogging and pointing out the importance of it when it comes to promoting business. Especially as a tool for websites that serves to engage with consumers. It seems like today, that this is not the case. Nowadays it’s all about ‘Vlogging’, or video blogging.

One of the main reasons for this is that the popularity of video content has sky rocketed over recent years and online video is the fastest growing ad format. Stats show this year, video, sponsorships, rich media and “banners and other” will account for 47.9% of digital ad spending, reaching the figure of $32.17 billion and video will account for 14.3% of total ad spending, up from 12.8% in 2015. And that’s not all, predictions are that by 2017 almost 75% of internet traffic will be video. Now that we summed up the reasons why vlogging needs to be on the top of the priority for content marketers, let’s talk about how to start one.

Brid 2.0 WP Plugin offers you the opportunity to turn your WP website into a functional video website Click To Tweet

BridTv WordPress Video Plugin

Starting a video blog is more than simply producing video content and posting it on your website. One needs to think about a proper way to present their videos more professionally to their audience.

Let’s say you want to turn your WordPress site into a video blog, and you are a beginner in video-blogging, the best advice one can give you is to choose a plugin that will bring your viewers a memorable video experience and one that offers you an easy way to upload and manage videos. Brid 2.0 WP Plugin is such a plugin, it offers you the opportunity to turn your WP website into a functional video website. Using our plugin you can upload your videos directly or embed videos from other top video streaming sites such as YouTube.

Not only that, if you have used WordPress as your choice of CMS you certainly are familiar with the fact how hard it can be to keep track all your embedded or hosted videos on the platform.  Brid 2.0 WP Plugin provides you with the option to manage and earn more from your videos directly from your WP dashboard.

By using this plugin, you can track and manage all of your videos by a simple click of the Brid.Tv button at the menu bar.wp pl

If you want to post a multimedia post (with textual and visual elements) when you’re inside the dashboard of your WP website, all you need to do is to go to your Posts section and to click on the Add New post button.screenshot post

Our plugin simplifies your workflow in the WordPress platform when using Brid.tv Online Video Player. That way you can use ALL of the major advantages of the Brid platform without ever having to leave your WP admin screen. And it’s absolutely free.

Brid’s Playlist Widget

With the Brid.tv WordPress plugin comes the playlist widget option which you can find in the “Widget” section of your WP admin screen. This is a new type of widget which takes in a user created playlist and displays them in a different manner.The widget is made to be responsive so it is mobile friendly and also has a different, more touch-friendly user interface when rendered on mobile. All of your playlists and videos will be easily accessible with an editable thumbnail, title and other information about the video.

Easily monetize your videos with Brid.tv WordPress plugin

Once you have set up your videos and uploaded them to your WordPress plugin page, you can start making money with them. Brid player is powered by Google for both desktop and mobile web to deliver ads across all major devices, with full support for VAST and VPAID standards. It is also fully integrated with DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) Video, offering support for advanced features like content targeting and Ad Rules for video. With the help of IAB’s VAST and VPAID standards, Brid player works with any other major ad platform. In addition to standard, linear video ads (pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll), Brid player also supports non-linear overlays.

Alternatively, if your site satisfies a couple of requirements you can apply to Brid’s partnership program and let us monetize your video content. If your site gets approved by our validation team, we will monetize 100% of your ad inventory and share revenue with you on a 60-40% basis. That basically means you will get 60% while Brid will take a 40% cut.

So install and authorize Brid’s 2.0 WP Plugin right away, and start embedding video using the plugin’s powerful video embed builder. To download and learn more about the Brid 2.0 WP Plugin  click here. We guarantee you’ll find the Brid 2.0 WP Plugin useful and that the experience will make you want to stay on this platform for a long, long time.

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