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Happy New Year From Brid.Tv
December 31, 2015
2015 Best Times to Publish Content for Social Media Engagement
January 8, 2016

The Top 10 BridTv Posts You Found Most Helpful In 2015

Top Video Marketing Posts in 2015
Most of you have already set your goals for this year. We at BridTv can only hope you’ve chosen us to go along with your business as your preferred online video platform. What we can promise to you is that as a business, we will continue to adapt to trends and evaluate what we are doing well and where we need to improve. As with any business, there is always room for improvement.
Last year was great for us. Not only in terms of user satisfaction and tech improvements we’ve added to our platform  but in terms of business tips and tricks we have shared here, on our blog, and many of you adopted and applied to your businesses as well.
These are the video marketing posts that offered the best insights, tips, advises, and trends in the digital video marketing business. I’m sure they helped you in 2015, and I hope they will be invaluable in 2016 as well.

Top Posts In 2015

  1. Trends That Will Dominate 2016 – Our view on what will be important for your business in 2016 was our most popular post last year.
  2. Why Are Video Ads The Best Advertising Choice Nowadays? – If you aren’t already involving videos in your marketing strategy here is a reminder why now is the time to invest in video as you number one advertising choice.
  3. VAST & VPAID support. All video ad formats for your videos via BridTv  – Everything about VAST/VPAID standards and monetization options Brid.Tv has to offer.
  4. The Advantages Of Internet Marketing Over The Traditional Marketing – The benefits of online marketing in today’s world.
  5. How to Create Effective Pre-Roll Video Ads – Pre-roll video ads are the second most irritating form of online advertising behind the dreadful pop up. But they are/can be fun, informative and/or entertaining, and can be great for raising awareness, brand recognition, driving traffic, and engaging your audience in a rather precise and measurable way … if done right of course. And you wanted to know how to do them.
  6. Videos in Digital Marketing Strategy – What worked in 2015 may still be applied today. Check out blueprint suggestion for your digital marketing strategy.
  7. Top Questions B2B’s Should Be Asking When Creating a Video Marketing Strategy – This is how you start with your video marketing strategy.
  8. We’ve asked industry people how will video marketing change in 2016 – Title is self explanatory and there are good points here.
  9. Brid.Tv Video Player 2.0! – All you need to know about the power of BridTv video player. The video FORCE is strong with us!
  10. Your Video Marketing Strategy Needs YouTube and FaceBook and Brid.Tv – Nowadays there are many options available, a variety of distribution channels where you can add and/or promote your video assets. Youtube channel and/or embeds, native Facebook video and online video platforms. The obvious question is which one should you choose? Let’s see first what each of them has to offer.
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