Top Tier Ad Platforms With Powerful Benefits for Publishers
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Boosting Publisher Revenue With Top-Tier Ad Platforms

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The greatest challenge for any modern business is making an impact on the growingly competitive online market. That is why many companies have been turning toward video as an effective medium for engaging their audiences. The popularization of online video was soon followed by the rise of video ad platforms, which opened up even more revenue possibilities for publishers worldwide. That is why we at Brid.TV dedicated ourselves to creating the kind of video tech that’s right for every business. Developing and perfecting video advertising technology quickly put us at the forefront of the digital marketing world. With thousands of publishers and advertisers competing for a spot in the ever-growing digital market, our online video platform proved as the perfect solution to bridge the gap between them.

Working closely with big-name services such as Amazon and Nielsen has given us incredible knowledge. More importantly, we now have the well-needed insight to know what’s best for our users and clients. Establishing firm partnerships with top companies such as Google, SpringServe, and Verizon was the next logical step. These industry giants are a powerful backbone of Brid.TV.

Know the Digital Market and the Impact of Video Ads

It comes as no surprise that video is securing its dominance across the Web. In the world of e-commerce, B2B, and online advertising, video is very much king and then some. There’s an excellent reason for that!

Various researches indicated that video is the primary tool for spreading the word about businesses and products. From the user’s perspective, video creates the best experience. For instance, the average user spends 88% more time on a website that has video content. The average user also invests at least 16 minutes looking at online videos every month! 

When you pause to consider all these stats, there really isn’t much else to ponder. It’s no wonder publishers and advertisers are turning to video! Did you know that people watch 4.6 billion online ads each year? That’s no small number! Meanwhile, 36% of users trust video ads more than any other type of propaganda. That is why video has been the unprecedented king of the online advertising world for a few years now. 

Online video and video ads, in general, are still the most powerful tools for branding. According to recent reports by HubSpot, 50% of consumers wish to view videos from brands more than any other content! These facts are essential, especially if you want to stay ahead of the curve in video content marketing in 2020.

Leveraging Top-Tier Ad Platforms

Optimizing ad tech is often complicated for publishers. That’s where Brid.TV steps in! By enhancing and perfecting some of the most modern technology the video advertising industry has to offer, many publishers now regard our online video player and platform as one of the best on the market currently. That is how we have managed to secure the support and expertise from some of the world’s top-tier ad providers. Google AdX, SpringServe, and Oath (now rebranded as Verizon Media Group) are at the top of the list for ad serving and advertising tech in general. Each of these networks provides tremendous advantages to all our publishers. 

Google AdX

In the modern online advertising world, programmatic ad monetization systems provide the best results. With Google Ad Exchange, you get premium demand, and, thanks to Brid.TV’s involvement, you can fine-tune your ad strategy. So how will that help your business? Firstly, you can look forward to a more secure and stable video monetization system. Secondly, you can expect to achieve higher fill rates and higher eCPM. There are even more benefits to using Brid.TV to meet all your video advertising needs: 

  • Google ADX demand. 
  • Top ad quality.
  • Smooth ad optimization.
  • Dedicated trafficking team.
  • Superior monetization on mobile and desktop.
  • Customizable in-house ad analytics… 

…and so much more. 

Keep in mind that we have only scratched the surface here. Check out this article to get all the critical info about Google AdX and Brid.TV Marketplace.

Verizon Media (Oath Video Ad Platform)

Verizon is an instantly recognizable brand in the U.S. or anywhere else in the world, for that matter. Oath is just one of Verizon’s projects and is a mishmash of Yahoo and AOL ad tech (again, that’s two more names you’ll recognize instantly). The essential thing here is that we are talking about top-of-the-line ad demand — Yahoo, AOL, Oath, or Verizon, it’s basically the same thing. With the help of Brid.TV and Verizon, publishers get a self-servable platform to run video ads.

Like other ad networks, you can run outstream video ads with Verizon on your site using JS. The platform yields high CPM and can leverage your first-party data to optimize the ad serving process. This ad platform comes with brand safety tools too!

Verizon’s top benefits are that it works perfectly for both mid-sized and premium publishers. That makes it an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes!   


SpringServe is one of the biggest ad servers around. This established ad network provides yield management and video ad serving to publishers as part of its services. By integrating this particular system with your video player, you’ll get you ahead of your competition quickly. Both SpingServe and Brid.TV understand the publishers’ needs to have full control of their ad strategy and video tech.  

Among a variety of handy features, SpringServe also includes auto optimization. That helps with ad serving aspects such as waterfall optimization; you can, for instance, run Auto Optimization based on the on-demand tag Opportunity Fill. These features are set around one specific goal — to maximize fill rate.

SpringServe includes various other benefits, like the ability to customize your ad strategy to suit your business goals. This ad platform also delivers robust demand partners, and their system is pretty straightforward easy-to-set-up.