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June 7, 2016
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June 14, 2016

Tools We Use In Our Content Marketing Efforts

If you don’t know how to handle your content marketing strategy or don’t work on improving it by bringing some new fresh ideas, your fans will eventually become bored with your outreach efforts. I can’t help you with creatives but I can help you getting yourself organised. Here are my top six online tools that we recommend as a perfect choice for time saving and better organization of your content marketing.

Google Docs

Google Docs is a free application for creating, sharing and editing private and public documents. I use this application when I’m writing my content because it’s very practical, with great spell check and you don’t have to think about Save button often like in Word (actually never since autosave option is always on). It has its own library that is automatically made, so the number of documents you can save is practically unlimited. If you want to use this tool, the only thing you need is your Gmail account. One more advantage of using this tool is that it has the sharing option ( you can share your documents with others), and it enables editing, and you can see all the changes made, comments etc. on your document and who made them.


When I started following all the hottest news about the digital industry, I figured out that  my priority is to follow the news of the most popular digital marketing websites. So, I had to bookmark like 20 websites and open 20 tabs every morning, then look up for the latest news on each one of them. That takes time and energy. When I, finally, discovered Feedly I was amazed. This application enables you to sort and collect all the important digital marketing websites on one web page by categories, and it can sort the news by date of the popularity. That option is available for each website and for all the sites together. The main benefit of this tool is that, when you have the insight into all these blogs, online magazines, and newspapers in one place, you can easily get great ideas for your content. The only condition is to subscribe to as many feeds as you want.


Many people work in the chaotic atmosphere, mostly because they have a lot of multitasking activities. The problem with multitasking is not only sheer size of the tasks on daily basis, but also the problem of organizing them, checking them, and tracking your daily schedule. By using this Trello, you can manage projects, keep track of the deadlines, and collaborate on content in real time.  It is a great platform which provides you and your team with an opportunity to list daily obligation in a neat way and it provides sharing your work schedule with others (like your boss). That way you can see what you have done, what is left to do until the end of the day and the week, so you can better organize yourself.


Buffer is an application designed to manage accounts in social networks, by enabling the user a chance to schedule posts. This application lets you write you tweets and blog posts and set a date and time of their posting. You can use Buffer across Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and (in paid versions) Pinterest.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is, in my opinion,  an essential tool for creating a successful marketing campaign. All successful individuals know that the key to success lies in the constant improvement and in upgrading your qualities and fixing your mistakes. This tool provides you all of that, to  track the results of your content marketing efforts. It gives you the insight of the most popular content and the ones that are  less popular. By using Google Analytics you can improve the popularity of your website: you can see who visits your site, what the users do when they are on your website, what are  the most visited hours in the day for your site, how your visitors interacted with your content, where a user arrived from when visiting your website. When gathering all these data, you can see who is your target group, when are they active on your website, and what is their favorite type of content.
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This popular free and open source content management system have various free and customizable themes and designs for you to choose. WordPress is currently powering nearly a quarter of the Internet, so what more you need to be sure of its quality and efficiency. WordPress offers lots of dynamic options and extra plugins, such as, blogging, commenting, drop down menus, event calendars, slideshows, social media feeds. It enables you to use all these options and post multimedia content. With some WordPress plugins, such as  Brid.Tv Video Player WP Plugin, you have the chance to manage and earn more from your videos directly from your WP dashboard.